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Goodbye 2012

 For me, 2012 seemed like the year where I decided to incorporate more color into my wardrobe, take photo-shoots with friends, not be afraid to try new hairstyles, and better yet, understand what kind of style I wanted my readers to see throughout my blog. It was a year of trial and new beginnings. New friendships were made, some destroyed, and some that I wish to hold on to forever. It's hard to believe another year has finally come and gone. I've struggled through the loss of my grandfather, hurt, pain, and sorrow. But also, I've come out a stronger person inside and out. I've been preparing myself for college and acquiring the real friendship with true friends that understand me for who I am.

2012 has been a tough and yet amazing year for me and I am truly grateful for all the people that I have been blessed to meet. As my last and final year in high school, all I can say is... I'm ready to graduate. It's finally my year.

{ Class of 2013}


I'm not one to hold back my love for sequins when the holidays roll around. Especially with New Year's right around the corner, anything sequin and sparkly always catches my eye. I am swooning over LuLu's sequin tops and dresses over at their site. Check it out!

3. Party Topper Gold Sequin Top ~ LuLu's -- $56
4. Glitterati Gold Sequin Top ~ LuLu's -- $36

What are your favorites?


It's safe to say that I have been taking advantage of these lazy days of winter break. I watched Les Misérables with the family on the big screen yesterday and I am obsessed with the entire soundtrack. I highly recommend watching the movie if you haven't seen it yet!
I'm not a big fan of pink heels, mainly because I hardly own any pink in my closet. But I love an outfit combination that color coordinates.
There's quite nothing like it.

Wearing: F21 denim dress (old), Target heels, Forever 21 LBD, sunglasses c/o ShopCalico, Chanel 62 Monte-Carlo lipstick, monogram necklace c/o BeMonogrammed

Bow on Top

 I am still having trouble believing that Christmas is tomorrow. Honestly, I think it would be a tad more realistic if the weather here in Fayetteville actually felt and looked like winter. Nonetheless, I am enjoying every bit of festivity this season has to offer. Red lipstick and red bows seem to be my latest obsessions lately and this shoot required a few candy canes to add a little more 'holiday' to the shoot.

Hope everyone has a splendid Christmas!

Wearing: F21 top (old), F21 LBD, TJ Maxx heels, collar necklace c/o Windsor Store, Ray Ban aviators, Solar Spike Bracelet c/o Urban Outfitters, DIY bracelet, F21 Bow ring (similar here), Chanel 62 Monte-Carlo lipstick

Holiday Soirée

Last week, I enjoyed a fun Christmas Tacky Sweater Party with a few gals. Last year {here if you remember}, I decided to wear a sweater and a big green sparkly bow headband. This year, I really wanted to showcase my brand new Vera Wang holiday dress and the occasion seemed perfect for it. We did a gift exchange with earrings, ate southern cooking for dinner, and a few sweet desserts that kept us pretty stuffed.
Gotta love the holidays.
Reunited with this sweet girl.
 All of us.
 She wore wrapping paper as a skirt. Clever clever.

Friends in Loafer Places

If you remember back in these posts { here :: here }, you'll remember how sneakers weren't really my "thing". But after going through a new style phase, I've taken these comfy shoes into consideration and it has been one of the best decisions I've made...thus far.

P.S. glitter AND loafers. Boom. Double win.

1. Faux Suede Wedge Sneakers ~ Forever 21 -- $39.80
3. Glittered Wedge Sneakers ~ Forever 21 -- $34.80
4. Glittered Penny Loafers ~ Forever 21 -- $24.80

The Goodbye Gossip Girl

A part of me always believed that Dan was Gossip Girl. After all, who else could top Gossip Girl's infamous and yet canny writing in all those e-blasts? Think about it. I had a thrill reminsicing over all the seasons, fashions, cameos, music, cast in the GG montage prior to the season finale episode last Monday. I've always been a Gossip Girl fan from season 1 episode 1 with the 'Pilot' and I've been hooked ever since. As much as I don't want Gossip Girl to end, I believe it's for the better. The episodes and plots have dragged on long enough. In the end, all I needed to see was Chuck and Blair married (wasn't expecting adorable Henry Bass! Eek) and Dan and Serena happily reunited to finish it all off. Though, I was kinda sorta expecting Little J to jump out of her seat in the end and finish it off like: "Surprise! I'm Gossip Girl!"

But hey, it was a good 6 years.
And one of these days, I'll probably buy all 6 boxed DVDs sets and have a bittersweet Gossip Girl marathon with a few gals. Who's with me?
Any thoughts on the finale of all finales?

Wearing: Forever 21 coat (old), sunnies c/o ShopCalico, Louis Vuitton bag, gifted heels

Vest Time of Year

Needless to say, I spent my weekend mornings feeling festive with Michael Bublé's Christmas album on repeat throughout the house. This time of year usually brings out the best in people and I have truly enjoyed spending quality time with my family and friends. I am also at ease with wearing my favorite Chanel red lipstick for whenever I go out. It's been a comfort thing for me lately. Almost like how a person finds comfort in bakeries and holiday treats over the holidays. Speaking of holidays, every time the weather reaches down to the 50s, I have this instilled hope that maybe there might be snow this Christmas. I think a white Christmas would complete everything about this "vest" time of year.

P.S.Still praying for Newton and the 26 lives that were lost last Friday.
Jason Robert Brown composed a beautiful song for them. {here}

Wearing: F21 vest, F21 LBD, sunnies c/o ShopCalico, Louis Vuitton, Francesca's earrings, John Wind charm bracelet, Urban Outfitters spike bracelet, Chanel 62 Monte-Carlo lipstick, gifted heels

Windy Days

When my mother brings home new clothes from her trips, I am equally as excited. I steal borrow clothes from my mom all the time since we are nearly the same size. When she brought home this kelly green buttoned vest from Korea, I started formulating different ways to wear it. I love skinny gold belts because of how versatile it is and how it can add a pop of gold to any simple outfit.

P.S. It was extremely windy and the umbrella managed to flip. Of course this would happen to me.
{had no idea the umbrella was flipped inside out until I saw this picture}

Wearing: Forever 21 boots, Louis Vuitton bag, Firmoo sunglasses, Forever 21 gold belt, vest from Korea

Milkmaid Braid

I've been living in milkmaid braids for the past week. Not only is it chic, but it's also effortless and simple. Whenever I don't feel like messing with my hair, I just put my hair in braids and throw them up. On chilly nights when I go out, I love the combination of a trench coat, a Louis bag, and a vintage Pierre Balmain scarf. Such a Parisian chic feel.

Do you have a hairstyle that you feel most comfortable in?
Wearing: gifted trenchcoat, Louis Vuitton bag, sunglasses c/o ShopCalico, Pierre Balmain scarf (vintage), Forever 21 boots (old)

Downtown Christmas Parade

This past weekend, a few gals and I participated in the annual Christmas Parade in downtown Fayetteville. This was actually my first time being in the parade and I got to experience the chaos that erupted in the two hour span. 
A few things I experienced were:
1. Running in heels
2. Distributing handfuls of tootsie rolls to everyone on the sidewalks
3. Getting nearly tackled with children going crazy over the sight of candy
4. Wearing red on red-- something I've always wanted to try ever since I saw it on Blair Eadie
5. Hearing other high school bands practice redundantly early in the morning

All in all, it was an eventful parade.

How was your weekend spent?
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