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A Symbol of a New Generation + New Year

This is my very first post of 2013. And there's nothing else I'd rather talk about than the most beautiful and powerful four days of my life. I am finally home after a splendid and amazing experience at the Passion Conference 2013 in the Georgia Dome in Atlanta, GA where +60,000 young people from 55 countries and 2,200 college campuses came to represent at the four-day conference to gather in this Dome to worship and celebrate God and the wondrous miracles he has planned for our lives in the new year.

We were also on CNN news yesterday afternoon! If you missed it, check it out { here }.
P.S. We are trying to spread the word about the End It Movement, which is a cause to shine light on slavery. Our generation has power to make a difference in this world. And it starts now.  
So far $3,170,639 has been given to fund the freedom. Click here to donate.

 {my first Caribou coffee}

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