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Kate Spade NYFW Spring/Fall 2013

 { I've been a sucker for pink + orange lately // see for yourself }

After finally catching up on New York Fashion Week streaming videos over the past weekend, I have to say that Kate Spade's collection was my absolute favorite. Maybe I'm slightly biased since I'm attracted to bows, fun prints, bold colors, and anything that screams New York City-- which so happened to be the theme for this year's collection. Kate Spade never ceases to amaze me. I love all the vivid color pop, girly, punch colors displayed for the Fall 2013 collection. The New York City taxis and neon signs were a great touch, along with the color combinations that always keeps me inspired. This year's collection was all for the printed trousers to oversize bows to bold colored coats to even a pair of tuxedo bow tie-looking heels. I even spotted a pair of Taxi high heels that I found incredibly unique. I've always been a sucker for Kate Spade's darling clutches and I simply couldn't decide on a favorite.

I heart everything Kate Spade. That is all.

P.S. I also added last year's Kate Spade Spring 2013 collection for some spring inspiration that I've been lusting over. Have you seen my Spring Fever Pinterest Board?
{ As a girly girl, bows are my weakness }
{ I can't get enough of this bow striped dress }

{ this top is just too sweet // #seewhatididthere }
{ snaps to Deborah Lloyd, the creative director for incorporating pink + red for Fall. #notjustforVDay }
{ feeling inspired to pair lilac tights + lilac heels and then adding pink }
{ can we please all just acknowledge the matchy-matchy bow heels and the clutch? // to die for }
{ I have this theory that the bigger the bow, the better }
{ Taxi clutch to match Taxi high heels. Genius }

What are your thoughts on the newest Kate Spade collection?

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