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Gone for the Week...

With high school coming to an end, the months seem to just fly by. Which is exactly what I'm been experiencing as of late. All I know is May and June are about to be the busiest / craziest two months
for me and every other high school senior. I'm not sure if I'm ready to handle all that just yet.
I'm graduating on June 6th, and before that can all happen, I need to take my finals, AP exams, attend two proms, graduation parties, and focus on finishing strong with my senior year academics. So, I just wanted to let all my sweet readers know that I won't be uploading any outfit posts this week.
I'm super stoked about the first prom I'm attending this weekend though. You can come follow along on Instagram to see what I'm wearing and all the other deets. Can't wait to share those pictures with you!

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