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Best for Last

Last Thursday was the annual Global Studies Spring Dinner hosted at the Fort Bragg Officer's Club. I've attended this formal dinner ever since I was a freshman in high school. But this year as a senior, I received my Global Studies stole for graduation and even got the honor to say a speech. As I was enjoying this last and final dinner with my senior gals around the table, reality hit me then and there. This is it. After a routine of four years, I realized that yes, everyone complained about having to attend a formal dinner and shaking hands with important people and having to dress up (who complains about that, honestly), but when else would I ever be surrounded by classmates and friends that I've grown up with for many years? Chances like these don't come often. I'm so thankful to have attended the same high school all four years and I am also thankful to be graduating from it in 17 days. 
I'm ready to start the next chapter of my life...beyond Fayetteville.

And the best part? I'm taking my blog with me.

P.S. Just wait until you see my graduation dress...

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