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Senior Beach Week Recap

I had the best week at Senior Beach Week in Myrtle Beach, SC. I instantly got used to waking up late every morning, heading down to the beach, then the pool, laying out in the hot, scorching sun (I even got a little bit of sun poisoning), and then visiting the Starbucks in our hotel. It certainly isn't an exaggeration when I say that we drank Starbucks every single afternoon (oops!). Madi, one of my best friends and I certainly got plenty of sun and oddly enough, I can't help but give weird looks at myself in the mirror. I'm not used to being this tan.

This week, I'm headed for West Palm Beach, Florida.
More sun, more heat...more vacation.

[ be back Friday! I have a ton of outfit posts backed up on my laptop... stay tuned! ]
 { late night dip in the pool }
 { the view from the skyview wheel }

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