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Nothing like the Holidays

Now with Thanksgiving out of the way, the only thing standing between 2013 and 2014 is my favorite holiday and my favorite time of year: C h r i s t m a s .
I live for this time of year. Blasting Christmas music, stocking up on holiday wear, picking out Christmas movies to watch, drinking hot chocolate / peppermint mochas, attending holiday soirées...
I'm a sucker for it all.

Because it's the last day of November, I thought I'd dedicate this post with a few facts about me.

1. I have a soft spot for fruit. 
2. Christmas is my favorite holiday. Festive holiday parties are my weakness -- count. me. in.
3. My macaron obsession is a little unreal.
4. I like to dress up on rainy days.
5. I'm obsessed with the Hunger Games trilogy (just like everyone else).
6. I love to run. I run just about every day. It definitely keeps the stress away / clears the mind.
I went a few days without running one time and it's simply the strangest feeling (for me, at least).
7. I like to overdo it sometimes. 
Such as... pairing brights and accessories all at once.
8. It's apparent that I emphasize my love for my school at least once a week.
But it's true. I love every bit of my school - University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.
g o  h e e l s !
9. This time of year brings out the worst of my sequin craze (it's a year-round thing).
My ideal "spending time around the tree" always involves something sparkly.
 10. I love plaids, gingham, sequins... but you probably already know that.
 11. Nine times out of ten, I'll start things but never really finish them, which is a habit that needs breaking.
Like this trilogy, for example.

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