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Okay. I'm the worst at keeping in big surprises.
Which is why you've probably seen me hint at an upcoming collaboration with Moon & Lola on twitter, or instagram, or even my FB page. Or... I may have even told a couple of my friends. Oops.
Well, here it is: Moon & Lola and I are collaborating together for a fun giveaway! 

Ever since I attended the NC SBS Moon & Lola event in the beginning of this month I've been obsessed with all their meticulous handmade jewelry. I mean... from monograms to acrylics to chain necklaces to chunky pearl necklaces... how can you not be in love, is the real question.

I'm announcing the big surprise of WHAT we're giving away on the blog on MONDAY.
So be sure to come stop by next week to see what it is to enter!

{ my sweet blonde babe Savannah Dennis joined me in the photo-shoot. 
More pics to come next week! }
swooooning over these pieces that I posted on my instagram right now: 
{ tortoise bangle + 'Connor' bracelet in pink + Campbell necklace in turquoise }

{ left: Vizela ring + Sines ring + Lixa ring in gold + tortoise monogram bangle + Seia ring //
right: Lixa ring in silver + Aveiro ring + Santa Rita bracelet in carolina blue and white + Kisa bracelet in black }

{ love these Moon & Lola earrings -- currently can't find them on the site right now though }

Southern Living Glass Pearl Necklace + vintage Chanel brooch }

tortoise bangle }
thanks for reading! 
xo xo xo
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