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{ my beautiful campus }

This week has been a crazy one for me. 
With finals just around the corner and LDOC next Friday (Last Day Of Classes), I am in panic mode.
I've been super stressed lately and wasn't able to get in an outfit post today, so I thought I should share a few life snaps from my instagram and other shots that I've taken in the past couple of days.

Hope your week is going better than mine!
{ my favorite spot to drink coffee on weekend mornings back home -- SERIOUSLY missing this }

{ casual chic attire for a coffee date reunion with one of my best friends back home }

{ prepping for the week with this cute Pixel Impress stationary }

{ mint craze }

{ colorblocking from this post here }

{ morning homemade oatmeal + blog updating }

here }

{ reppin' my school's spirit jersey -- also found on The Sorority Secret's instagram }

{ in LOVE with my new chiffon mint maxi from Impressions Boutique -- here }

{ denim on denim }

{ adore this color combo: coral + turquoise }

{ adore these neon Bevello statement earrings }

{ morning homemade chai tea latte with a little reminder: here }

{ flowers on flowers from my latest post here }

{ my macaron obsession is never ending, I swear. Get your own macaron pillow here }

{ coffee date at Straw Valley Cafe with Pink Owl Photography to discuss an upcoming editoral photoshoot collaboration. Stay tuned! }

{ sometimes it takes a late afternoon stroll through campus past your favorite place to realize how blessed you are }

{ I could eat waffles every single day and never get tired of it }

{ drinking organic homemade chai tea latte while catching up on Spring fashion }

{ sweater chic inspo while flipping through mags }

{ polka-dots + Chanel lip gloss }

{ ring bling + showing off our arm party with Moon & Lola at the Moon & Lola Trunk Show at Bevello }

{ my latest mani color: Essie's 'Bikini So Teeny' }

{ finally found an initial G ring from Bevello. It's a big deal because they never have the letter 'G' }

{ Moon & Lola's social media stud earrings from this post here }

{ a little paint splash I spotted while heading to my morning class }

{ planning out Spring outfits. Taking full advantage of the 'graphic tee trend' }

{ coffee with a little quote that I wrote. DEFINITELY needed it }

Are you following along?
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