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I've been keeping in a huge surprise ever since finals week AKA MAY.
My family dropped the news on me the day I finished moving out and I was more than thrilled. If you know me, I'm not exactly the type of person who can hold in a secret for that long. And now that it's July, I'm so excited to share where I'm headed to next Monday....

.... South Korea!

I'll be spending the rest of July there visiting family and traveling around. I'll definitely be keeping you all updated on my whereabouts and you can even follow me along on instagram with the hashtag
--> #gracefulleetravels <--

A H ! 
{ love locks in Seoul, South Korea }

< life lately via Instagram + other snaps... >
  { sandal twinning with my sister }
 { my new fave lipstick as of late - Besame 'Exotic Pink' c/o }
 { collab with Timex }
 { green smoothie'n it up on the daily }
{ this look was a big hit on Instagram - thanks for all the sweet comments! }

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