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Instaglam (Gracefullee Travels Edition)

Today's Instagram round-up is from the past few days here in South Korea.
It's taking a bit longer to adjust to the weather, people, and environment here. Life here is so different. I've seen long tube banana ice cream cones on the streets of Jeonju to people carrying umbrellas to block the sun from their faces to little 6-year-olds crossing the streets after school by themselves. And the amount of times we have stopped at coffee shops is insane. Seriously. Caffeine overload!

The weather was rainy for the first couple of days, but then the sun came out and the humidity is as high as ever. We spent most of our time outdoors walking the streets like in New York City, shopping (a lot of shopping), and eating Korean street food - which is actually pretty good.

you can follow along on my travel diary on Instagram with the hashtag #gracefulleetravels!
instagram }

{ fun fact: chicken + beer is a common combo in South Korea }

{ you haven't experienced South Korea without trying patbingsu (팥빙수) - which means red beans with ice. It's a Korean shaved ice dessert with sweet toppings like fruit, fruit syrup, red bean paste, etc. It was the perfect chill dessert after a long day of walking outdoors in the humid heat! }

{ exploring Jeonju with the siblings }
{ We spent one day entirely outdoors in triple digit weather and exercised / played soccer in this park that was a few blocks from my grandparents apartment complex. }

{ I snapped a photo of these mini Chicago-esque beans while traveling through the city of Jeonju via bus. }

{ did you know macarons here are $1?! In North Carolina, they're about $3. You can bet I stocked up on macarons! }

{ weekend splurge - purchased this Zara lime green jacket }

{ Cabaret Sauvignon wine cheersin' + dinner with the fam }

{ tried the iced chai tea latte at another local coffee shop }

{ what I wore while exploring the streets }

{ airport deets }

{ sunrise shot from Chicago }

{ at the Chicago O'Hare International Airport getting ready to board Korean Air }

{ morning flight = Starbucks latte + arm stacks }

{ shopping attire }

{ fresh squeezed juice at the airport }

{ purchased new Karen Walker sunnies! }

{ wining + dining on the Korean Air }

{ I've been drinking colombian organic coffee every morning. So delish }

{ this is a typical breakfast here at my grandparents house }

{ 10-story mall with amazing interior lighting }

{ obsessed with these stunning lights }

{ purchased this watercolor flare skirt... can't wait to style it }

 { ate memil guksu (메밀 국수) + kale and apple blended juice for lunch. Memil Guksu is buckwheat noodles and one of my favorite Korean dishes. Fun fact: buckwheat is a very healthy food to eat. }

{ loved this shop called Dewl at the mall. It reminded me of Kate Spade in a way. It's also where I purchased my watercolor skirt }

{ colombian organic coffee shot on a different morning }

{ salad + fruit + tomato smoothies for lunch }

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