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I've seen so many beautiful places these past two weeks and I think I'd go crazy if I didn't share them with my readers. For those who know me, there isn't a day that goes by when I don't snap a picture. Whether it's my outfit of the day, my coffee, or even simple accessory details, I love getting creative with my pictures. Remember when I said Instagram was my favorite social network?

With that being said, I decided to share my travel snaps on my blog today instead of an outfit post, simply because I didn't want to go Instagram crazy! And yes, I'm apologizing ahead of time because today was only day 1 here in Seoul and you might be seeing a little bit more of me on your feed. 

you can follow along on my travel diary on Instagram with the hashtag #gracefulleetravels!
instagram }

Here's a link to more travel snaps in case you missed this post!
 { a fancy dinner with a view at the Shin Yang Park Hotel in Gwangju }

{ spent a couple of hours relaxing in Gwangju with a mani + pedi }

 { walking the city streets of Seoul in pops of red // here }

 { visited the Green Tea Farm in Bosung and picked up a few green tea items }

{ saw the cutest kitty + puppy about the size of my hand at the Green Tea Farm in Bosung // here }

{ on the road again // fueling up with a morning cappuccino }

{ fruity breakfast + black coffee and catching up on my blogger babe Ashley's blog in the morning }

{ quick roadtrip snap heading to Seoul }

{ found my macaron pillow twin }

{ minimalistic look for a night out in the city // here }

{ borrowing my sister's pom pom scarf for the day - I'm obsessed }

 { dinner at Ashley - Grill & Salad in Gwangju }

{ staying at the Hotel President in Seoul }

{ this skirt that everyone raved about on Instagram }

{ polaroid pics with the cousins }

{ sunday b e s t // here }

{ pops of color }

{ spotted this quote while shopping in Gwangju. L-O-V-E }

{ Cheonggyecheon Stream at the Cheonggye Plaza }

{ Cheonggye Plaza at night }

{ the prettiest garden expo at Suncheon // here }

{ the waterworks display at the Big-O Yeosu Expo // here } 

{ Seoul }

{ waterpark / Gold Spa Resort in Naju }

{ exploring Seoul: day one }

{ delicious Sulbing - a korean dessert which means "snow ice". It's basically snow with toppings }

{ garden expo in Suncheon }

{ first time trying an avocado smoothie // here }

{ cousin love }

{ the prettiest views this city has to offer // here }
{ nails and the city }

{ morning view from the Hotel President suite // here }

{ fun fact: my nails glow in the dark }

{ locks of love at the Namsung Tower }

{ Seoul from the Namsung Tower }

{ fruit-infused water on a scorching day }

{ locks of love }

{ yesterday's snap }

{ candids with my little bro }

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