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Storms Don't Last Forever

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I've realized that I've been in some kind of an odd mood swing as of late.
Usually when I get like this, I try to start over and simply press a 'reset' button in life. I thought it would also help if I jotted down a few things to help me get back on track.
Anyone else feel like this sometimes?

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1. Always eat breakfast - ALWAYS. Not only does it kickstart your metabolism, but it can really start your morning with a smile. Seriously!!
2. Be organized - I can't help but to notice that I feel miserable when my workspace is a mess. And unmade beds. Therefore, I try to keep things organized and my bed made so it's one less thing to worry about in my schedule.
3. Sticky notes - I am nothing without my sticky notes. My daily schedule is always jotted down on a sticky note. I opt for bright neon ones so it's cute to write on and also easy to find!
4. Time management - as an avid blogger, I tend to get stressed out over what I'm blogging next. The minute a new blog post is up, I'm already BTS working on another one and planning which outfits will go up that week. I'm also a college student, so to maintain a blog on top of class work can be overwhelming.
5. I love coffee, but I love green tea just the same - try to aim for at least two cups of green tea. It's not only refreshing, but also cleansing to the body.
6. Something that I struggle with daily is comparing myself to others - I love the quote "Comparison is the thief of joy" because let's be real: it really is. Seeing others' success makes me feel disappointed with myself, but I just try to keep in mind that I should be focusing on bettering myself more and more each day instead of keeping track of what everyone else is doing.
7. I like to run and workout - it helps me clear my mind when I'm feeling stressed or overwhelmed.
8. I have two best friends I can always rely on - my mom + older sister. They're the best listeners I know and I can always count on them to give me the best advice.
9. Pinterest - I feel very motivated by my Good Quotes board on Pinterest. Speaking of... are you following along?
And... the best quote of the day:
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What are some tips that help you get back on track? I'd love to hear them!
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  1. Love this post! I totally know what you mean and needed to hear this today! Great tips!
    The Style Storm
    <3, Christina


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