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I don't know what it is about a colored wall that makes me feel like such a happy girl. 
It's like that feeling when Starbucks announces their holiday drinks are available right after Halloween. That kind of happy. 

I wore this look for a lunch date with my parents who came up to Chapel Hill to visit me one weekend. It was absolutely frigid, so I decided to wear two button-downs and this super comfy hooded vest for warmth. If you remember from this post, I don't wear makeup. Well, I wear eye makeup but I hardly count that as makeup. Anyway, my point being... I'm not wearing any makeup in these photos. At. All. Sunglasses and lipgloss are two wonderful things, I'm telling ya!

Sidenote: Wristology Watches was also gracious enough to offer a coupon code towards your purchase of a watch. Use code grace25 at checkout for 25% off!

P.S. this monogrammed hooded vest is ON SALE for $24.99! They are also available in different colors! Have a great weekend!

Wearing: monogrammed vest: ℅ Silver Gallery Int'l | button-down shirt: Banana Republic (old) similar here | gingham button-down shirt: ℅ White Plum Boutique (old) similar here | pants: ASOS | watch:  Wristology Watches | tassel necklace:  Benevolent Jewels | rainboots: Hunters (couldn't find them! Similar here (P.S. I mentioned before but I wear a size 6 in shoes so I ordered the Big Kids rain boots from Nordstrom. It's still pretty big and not as pricey as the women's rainboots!) last worn here | hat: Forever 21 (old) similar here + here | sunglasses: Calico (old) similar here | lipgloss: Chanel's '156' (not available) but '4' is similar |


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  1. Love everything about this post; I'm really tempted to buy the vest! You mentioned you don't wear makeup, do you think you can you write a post on what you do use on your face?

    Thank you, if you don't mind please check out mu blog

  2. I love the monogram on the vest and the yellow boots!

  3. Thank you! You should definitely consider purchasing this vest! It's super comfy and on sale for a really good deal :) and yes - I don't wear face makeup (just eyeliner and mascara) and that's pretty much all I do for my face :) if there's anything else you'd like to know, please shoot me an email! XO

  4. Thank you Becky! I'm so sad the yellow Hunters are sold out in Nordstrom!

  5. super cute and cozy look! i love the monogramming on the vest for a personal touch. :)



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