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One thing I've started doing differently on my blog this year is that I've become a bit open with my life. I talked a bit about "being real" in this post, remember? I've come to the terms that blogging has helped me improve as a person. I've made mistakes, I've pushed myself, and I've made tons of blogger friends along the way. But the best part is, being able to share bits and pieces of my life with you all and it makes me the happiest person that I have readers who want to be a part of my crazy / fun rollercoaster of a life. #youguysareallcraaazy - JK.

Truth be told, I'm more of an introvert. That may be a surprise to many of you because I seem like the happiest person on Twitter or Instagram. But if there's anything you get out of this post, it's that: pictures. are. deceiving. They don't show you the whole story. And this applies with all the other bloggers (and myself!) who choose to post what they want to display to the world. 

And also, I just want to say that I really do read each and every comment you guys leave for me. On every social network. So please, please, please don't hesitate to reach out to me if you have any questions! Or you can even shoot me an email at! If anything, I'm a quick responder ;)

random fact: I pretty much refresh my email inbox at least 50 times a day. #noshame 

{ current hair: I get my highlights done every year during Christmas time }

{ Downtown Fayetteville in Christmas decor }

{ okay, got a little carried away with my new hair... }

{ the cuuutest coffee mug chocolate }

{ the talented Mats Meyer drew me in my Halloween strawberry costume! TOO sweet }

{ Swoozie's collaboration for New Year's here }

{ pretty Christmas lights in Chapel Hill }

{ the socks + heels combo has been on repeat as of late }

{ did you catch my Swoozie's collab + YouTube video?! }

{ photo tip: I use most of my dresses or sequin skirts for photo backdrops. This festive tartan dress makes for the perfect holiday background - catch more of my 'how-to-take-good-Instagram photos' tips here }

{ last year's holiday look }

{ spent Christmas in Cali last year }

{ belted my faux fur vest with a bow }

{ time is of the essence when it comes to shopping for the holidays // luckily, Daniel Wellington is offering Gracefullee Made readers a 15% discount on the watch of your choice! 
Use code: holiday-bygracelee at checkout }

{ details }

{ s p a r k l e s }

{ LuLu*s party perfect }

{ another holiday look - from this post here }

{ BTS shot }

{ my favorite kind of earrings as of late }

here }

{ print mixing - from this post here }

{ cheersin' on our Starbucks date }

{ cobalt on cobalt }

{ confetti ... everywhere }

{ working hard... or hardly working ? }

{ roadtrippin' details }

{ decorating the tree - from this post here }

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