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OBX Travel Diary (VIDEO)

[ make sure to watch in HD ]

As I mentioned in this post (here), my family and I like to travel around Christmas time. We took a long roadtrip to OBX, North Carolina for a couple of days to relax on the beach, go sightseeing, and hiking at Nags Head. 

I compiled a little travel diary of my stay at OBX. I'll be uploading a short video of my outfits on the trip, so be sure to SUBSCRIBE to my YouTube channel so you'll get notified when the next video is up! ;)

Here's a few snaps I posted on Instagram and some that didn't make the cut, but I still wanted to share with you all...

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  1. You look great! This looks like fun. I hope you had a great time

  2. Thank you Dunia! It was so much fun :)

  3. i love making videos of my travels, it feels like you're reliving it every time you play it over! OBX looks so gorgeous and so relaxing!

    i actually just shared one of our trip to chicago on the blog today, hope you'll check it out!

    xo mk

  4. I agree! Thanks for watching Mary-Katherine :) I'll definitely check it out!! Happy New Year!


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