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Good news: I finally got around to uploading a new video on my channel. Make sure to SUBSCRIBE! You'll be notified immediately whenever I upload a new video!
Bad news: my MacBook is in the repair shop due to some technical difficulties, which also means I do not have a laptop to blog from for the next couple of days. Sad face.

Another fun fact: I am currently sitting in the UL (Undergraduate Library) here on UNC campus typing up this blog post, so even though I am laptop-less, my motivation to post for you guys has not gone away ;) in fact, I am getting weird looks from people walking behind me because they are all being studious and I am well... yeah, blogging. Haha!

I hope you all enjoy the video! 
As always, please leave me a comment for any future video recommendations or just any opinions that you have. If you have any favorite monogram boutiques, please let me know in the comments!

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  1. Another great video! I subscribed to your YouTube channel. I felt your tireless dedication to the craft deserved some loyalty. :)


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