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Hey Where's That From?

Today, I'm sharing another part of my Hey Where's That From? series.
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To start off, this week has been all sorts of craaazay. My schedule has been jumbled up the past few days and I haven't been able to sit down and blog as much as I normally do. Let me explain.
The weather here has been freeeezing! I know I can't compare it to NYC weather, but it was 15 degrees yesterday morning. FIFTEEN. I also took time off to watch the epic UNC vs. DUKE (we spell it DOOK) basketball game with my girls at Sup Dogs on Franklin St. Wednesday night.

Fun fact for those of you who don't keep up with UNC college basketball: UNC vs. DUKE is one of the nation's biggest rivalries in college basketball. People get rowdy over this event all week long. I love walking around and seeing the school spirit on campus. 
P.S. there's even a Wikipedia page dedicated to it. #itsabigdeal

Even though we lost (still upset about it), it was an epic, epic game, and I am so glad I got to spend it with my favorite people.

I have been taking time off to spend girl time with my girls for a couple of snow days. I don't think I would have managed to bear these few days in frigid temps without my girls! So grateful to have gal pals like these in my life.

{ customized TAudrey bracelet }

{ polaroid snaps with my sister }

{ The second time it started snowing, Casey and I managed to slip out and snap a few VEST friend photos. Get it? Ha. Those will be up on the blog sometime next week! }

{ this year's Valentine's Day look >> here in case you missed it }

{ my favorite LuLu*s bag >> here in case you missed it }

{ remember when I was on the hunt for a pair of black distressed jeans for my birthday here? Well the hunt is OVER, all thanks to your feedback! Can't wait to share these on the blog soon! }

{ gettin' our grub / drinks on at Sup Dogs pre-UNC DOOK game }

{ reunited with my girl McKenzie }

{ all black everything from this post here }

{ the best sign on Franklin St. Ha! #honkhonkHONK }

{ love these beauties }

{ snow day #1 outfit }

{ snow day brunch }

{ Have you guys tried this?! It's SO good! Coconut milk with a shot of expresso }

{ obsessed with McKenzie's statement earrings for a Girl's Night Out }

{ mornings are always better when coffee is involved }

{ free coffee from Carolina Coffee Shop! Eek, thanks guys! }

{ snow day outfit #2 with Casey }

{ we travel in bold colors and statement earrings }

{ the prettiest cupcake assortments for Valentine's Day at Sugarland }

{ emphasis on the WINE. Ha! }

{ We waited outside in the freezing cold for 2 hours to snag the front row of the risers to watch the UNC basketball game. #troopers }

{ how pretty are these?! }

{ getting my froyo fix }

{ our personalities summed up in one picture }

{ running errands on Valentine's Day. Coffee stop: required }

{ my newest addition to my wardrobe }

{ cheeers to the freaking weekend! }

Thanks again for bearing with me! It really means so much when you guys stop by, even when there isn't a new post up!

Have a great weekend!

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