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NYC State of Mind

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So a little life update: I'm headed to the City this week for a couple of meetings and (hopefully) blogger meet-ups. I'm super excited to see what my few days there will be, considering I have not been to NYC for almost a year now. There's so many things that I'm getting anxious about as time draws nearer and nearer, like... what to bring, what to wear, and all those sorts! Ha. I'm also an overpacker, which tends to lead me to some difficult decisions when it comes to fitting everything in one suitcase.

As always, I've already planned out what I want to wear. 

Don't forget - the monogram tumbler giveaway is still running, so be sure to enter!

P.S. be sure to follow along on my travel adventures. I'll be posting on...
snapchat: "bygracelee"
Instagram: @bygracelee with the #GracefulleeTravels

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  1. So excited! I hope your trip is fabulous!
    xo, Lee

  2. I love New York. It's just an entirely different world and energy that wraps me up and makes me feel powerful and invigorated. hope you have fun!

  3. Me too! I'm all about that City life, ha! Thank you Tara!

  4. Have fun in NYC! Looking forward to pictures!


  5. Thank you Monica! I can't wait to share! <3

  6. Hope you have a blast!

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