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A Little Reminder...

I spent the better half of my Sunday afternoon reading through old blog posts. 
I came across this one and it really hit me hard. 
If you scroll past the first few photos, you'll know what I'm talking about (the quote). I usually keep a lot of things to myself, the introvert that I am, but on Saturday morning, I woke up and felt this huge burden on my shoulders. It had been bothering me for quite some time now, and I feel like I reached the tipping point with it. I won't get into detail about it, but since you guys have enjoyed following along with my life, I wanted you all to know my current thoughts / mood. I basically spent my entire afternoon sitting in a coffee shop with a neverending playlist and some time to sit and think. 

I'm hoping for things to get better this week, but if not, I guess it's a lesson worth remembering.

What are you some simple reminders to help you get back on track?
I'd love to read them. If you also want to shoot me an email to show some love or even share anything about you and your lives, I love receiving feedback from all of you. 

P.S. I've really been into wearing bandanas as neck scarves. Love switching things up!

Wearing: button-down shirt: bought in Korea (similar here + loving this scallop collar one here) | shorts: old, similar here +here | stripe blazer: ℅ Whimsy Boutique (sold out) similar here + herelast worn here | pin: vintage Chanel | watch:  Timex | sunglasses: Karen Walker | earrings: old, identical here | lipstick: Revlon's 'Fire & Ice' | bag: old, very similar here, also here in black | shoes: old, similar here (different colors!) |


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  1. disqus_KL1TL4QAoSJuly 20, 2015 at 5:16 AM

    We all have our down days I guess, and we all need time to think. I'd probably say something to remember is that you're equal to every other person, because they're people too, no better and no worse, and you've got just as much personality, knowledge and reason as them.

    The Life of Little Me

  2. Grace, this look is gorgeous! Love the pops of red, and I need a striped blazer in my closet ASAP.

    Ellen | A Pop of Pink

  3. I hope your day of rest and reflection treated you well. Yes, we all have those random days where we wake up with miserable weights weighing us down, but a lot of times, we just need to take some time for ourselves and figure out the root cause of that weight. I hope that you are reflecting in a positive way on how to make the changes you are seeking- and know that you have a ton of people (followers) who want nothing but the best for you in times like these. Keep your head up, and stay fabulous.

  4. Great's almost like the "do it anyways" by mother theresa! Great outfit...I must say great minds think alike because it goes with my theme for the week! And my step mom has those exact same shoes which I absolutely love (she's wearing them in the post all this week!!) jodie

  5. Thank you SO much for your sweet comment. Definitely something to keep in mind! <3

  6. Thank you Ellen! And yes, you definitely need!! It's the perfect staple :)

  7. Thank you Clare! I completely agree with you on that. And thank you so much for leaving me a sweet note :)

  8. Thank you Jodie! I LOVE these shoes!! Great minds think alike! ;)

  9. I'm obsessed with the recent neck scarf trend! And you nailed it! I need to get myself one! A perfect pop of red :) Beautiful!



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