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Texas #GracefulleeTravels Round-Up

If you've been keeping up with me on Instagram or Snapchat (bygracelee) or my FB page, you probably noticed that I was in Houston, Texas last week. I also asked whether I should just update you all on my trip via Snapchat or a travel vlog on my YouTube channel, and you guys suggested I do BOTH. It was a lot of time and effort editing these two videos (part 2 should be up soon!), but I wanted to really share my trip with you readers and have it up in time. :)

I really hope you enjoy this video. I tried to add some humor in there as well. HA. Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE for more videos! You'll also get a notification when I upload PART 2.

P.S. I'm always open to any video suggestions you guys may have. Some of you on Snapchat have requested hairstyle tutorials... keep 'em coming!

And in case you missed these on Instagram and Snapchat...

{ travel attire }

{ airplane snacks }

{ up in the air }

{ hello Houston }

{ mornings in bed - day 1 }

{ exploring }

{ pretty palms silhouette during sunset }

{ another morning, another latte }

{ reppin' }

{ on the road to Galveston }

{ color / color / color }

{ lunch at The Spot }

{ cheersin' to this view }

{ the Rainbow Row of Galveston }

{ exploring Galveston Beach }

{ shopping break - much needed }

{ so sad... but true }

{ Day 3 details }

{ shooting with palms }

{ standing in front of the house I grew up in in Port Lavaca }

{ nostalgia }

{ a little sunrise action for the morning flight home }

{ so long, Texas }

{ editing the second video with a view of downtown Charlotte }

{ wishing I could stay... }

My travel looks should be posted soon!
Stay tuned.

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