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VII O2M Oxygen Eye Mask Review + Video

As a full-time college student and blogger, it gets tough every now and then trying to manage it all. There are nights where I barely get any sleep and I don't pay as much attention to my face as I should. Finals week is always rough and I wish I had these eye masks for my previous semester, but I know that they'll come in handy for next year.

I've been wearing these oxygen eye masks for a few days now, and I love how rejuvenating it feels on my skin. If you're looking to get rid of bags under your eyes quickly, I recommend trying these eye masks. I wear them when I go to bed, but if you watch the video below, I explain it better!

You can get your own pads and save $5 on a box of three with the code: 7FNJ-URZXJC-YWWCCV

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