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Back At It Again... with the Superstars

It's official: I've traded my heels for sneakers.
I've always gravitated towards heels because I like the idea of elongating my legs as much as possible, but comfort will always win in my book. With that being said, sneakers have been my shoe game as of late. I love wearing them with dresses. It definitely adds a little bit of athleisure to a chic look.

I mean, even Victoria Beckham has made the trade.

P.S. Happy Leap Day! Leap Year occurs every four years, so hope you all make the most of this special day :)

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I just started wearing my hair in a twisted braid like this last weekend and it's seriously my go-to hairstyle right now. Let me know if you guys want a tutorial! It's super easy.

Wearing: turtleneck dress: ℅ Make Me Chic (similar here + here + here + here) | leather jacket: Forever 21 (ON MAJOR SALE FOR $30!) | sunglasses: ℅ DITTO (use code GRACELEE for your first month free! also here | lipstick: Rimmel Lasting by Kate Moss '11' | earrings: ℅ Lydell NYC (I wear these ALL the time) | sneakers: Adidas (runs large, order ONE SIZE DOWN) | 


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Spring Feeling

There are certain days when it feels like Spring in Chapel Hill.
It'll be chilly one day, and rainy the next, but every so often, the weather decides to cooperate and we experience a nice sunny day with a slight breeze.
What a tease.

Ever since I received this Henri Bendel bag, I've been anticipating Spring more than ever. I love the bright pop of color and the structure of the satchel. It's more spacious than it looks, and keeps all my essentials organized. Win-win.
I love how perfectly it coordinates with this dress that I'm wearing as a top. I plan on wearing it as a dress when the weather gets a bit warmer. Just a sidenote: the material is kind of thin!

P.S. A lot of you have asked where my earrings are from on Snapchat. Well, these are it. And the best part is that Everly is offering Gracefullee Made readers 15% OFF + FREE SHIPPING. Be sure to use code GRACE15 at checkout!

Have a great weekend!

Wearing: dress worn as top: ℅ Romwe | jacket: vintage, similar here + here | bag: ℅ Henri Bendel | denim: old, similar here + here + heresunglasses: ℅ DITTO (use code GRACELEE for your first month free! also here | booties: ℅ Mari A. | lipstick: Besame's 'Exotic Pink' | earrings: ℅ Everly (use code GRACE15 for 15% off + free shipping!) |


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Twenty One-derful Years

Remember in last year's post when I mentioned I always incorporate balloons into my birthday shoots? (And then didn't use balloons because I wanted to be "different"... hah.)

Well... nothing's changed.
Except that this year, I kicked it up a notch and fell in love with this 'HELLS YEAH' balloon because I'm finally 21, and I think that deserves a loud and proud HELLS YEAH.

Last year, I teamed up with TOBI, and decided to team up with them again for another birthday shoot. I love the bow details on this dress, and the open back has to be the best part.

As always, thank you Swoozie's for providing me with the best party decorations! 

Also, a quick note: there will be a permanent change for the #WIWWlinkup. Jenna from Visions of Vogue will now be hosting and curating the link-up along with Brenna and me. We want to thank Elizabeth for being a part of the previous link-up and all that she has contributed to making it a success!

Wearing: dress: TOBI (only $50! Available in 4 colors) | earrings: old, similar here + here (and on sale!)  | 

Congrats to our two features this week:
|| Alicia from Between the Pearls || Amanda from For the Love of Glitter ||

Gracefullee Made

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21st Birthday Shoot Sneak Peek + Video

I had so much fun shooting my 21st birthday shoot a few weekends ago, and thought I should compile a video with some of the props that I worked with. I know I've been teasing you all (mainly on Snapchat) about this shoot, so I can't wait to finally share it with you all tomorrow!

P.S. I want to give a huge shoutout to Swoozie's for providing me with the perfect party decorations!

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Putting the 'Good' in Goodbye

I don't know about you, but goodbyes are hard.
Every so often, you come across friendships or relationships that are so toxic, that the best thing you can do is walk away... and put the 'good' in goodbye. 

I'm a firm believer that you are not defined by the moments, but how you react upon the moments. Cutting off ties with someone you thought would never hurt you is tough. How do you walk away from that? All those memories you spent with someone, the secrets you've told that person, the moments you thought were perfect (keyword: thought) makes you question if you've simply wasted your time. While knowing that you had no sentimental value to that person.

Anger is just the start. You want to punch that person, you want to punch a wall, you want to punch something. How could this person do that to you? If anything, you're angry at yourself. For putting up with it for so long.

And then comes the hurt. They never apologized
Why? Because they feel as if they did nothing wrong.
They don't get it. They never will.
But it's too late.

The reason I wanted to share this little blurb today is because as someone who is very observant, I've seen a lot of things. Some in my life, some in others. But the point being, it's there. The toxicity of sacred friendships and relationships that don't know how to end... or take that step towards freedom. 

The first step is acknowledging you have to walk away. They won't ever get it, so you have to take that initiative. 

A lot of you have left me feedback about relatable content, and I wanted to share another one. If this relates to you in any way, I hope this encourages you to take that step towards a happier you. You deserve it. Or if you feel as though there's someone who needs to hear / read this, feel free to pass it along. Anyway, thanks for stopping by! Have a great Monday.

Wearing: sweatshirt: ℅ Choies | denim: old, similar here + here | wedges: old, similar here + here | earrings: old, love these here + here | sunglasses: Karen Walker | lipgloss: Chanel's '156' (not available) but '4' is similar |


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