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Spring Break Packing List + Travel Tips

Spring Break... is finally here!

Last week, I received a couple of emails asking to do a post on what to wear / what to pack for Spring Break. I wish I had done this sooner because I realized that a few colleges in North Carolina have already had their Spring Break last week (fail), but for any other college students reading this who attend UNC Chapel Hill or any other university that hasn't had their Spring Break yet, then HI. 
I hope this post comes in handy!

Just a little key things that I do when I travel:
1. Plan out all your looks for the trip. Whether it's a day-by-day schedule or an idea of what you want to wear, it keeps you organized and saves you from overpacking too many clothes! Which... I still sometimes do, by the way. #bloggerlife
2. Write it out. The night before I travel, I jot down all the things that I need to add in my bags in the morning. Trust me, you're going to want to write it all down as a reminder because you're probably going to forget. For example: toothbrush, face wash, toothpaste, etc. Those essentials you need in the morning. Can't forget those!
3. Double-check. Triple-check. I used to have a bad habit of always forgetting something. But now, I make sure everything I have is packed and in the right place before I travel. Don't forget your laptop charger! HA. Speaking from experience...
4. Ask the will-I-really-use/wear-that? question. Seriously. Are you really going to wear that extra dress?? Maybe. Maybe not. Save yourself some space in your luggage and take out excess clothing that you probably aren't going to wear.
5. Check the weather of your destination. Is it going to be raining? Pack a rain jacket. Rain boots. Will it be cold? Pack a jacket. In this case, heading somewhere warm and sunny? Bring a hat. It is always important to dress for the weather.

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1. A "highlight item" for the trip.
And when I say a "highlight item," it doesn't have to be a new item, necessarily. In my case, this kimono happens to be a new item, but a "highlight item" can be A) more than one item and B) an item that is your favorite and at the top of your packing list. Something that you know for a fact, you want on the trip.

I caved and bought this kimono because I would have regretted it if I didn't. Sorry not sorry.

[ boyfriend shorts (old) love these here + here | tassel kimono | brunch so hard tee shirt ]

2. The right bag.
I always carry my MacBook Pro with me when I travel, so I normally opt for either a bookbag or a bag fit for a laptop when I travel. This Louis Vuitton is a favorite of mine, but sometimes I'll switch it up to this Barrington tote bag that was customized in Carolina blue because GO HEELS. 

3. I'm taking this dress with me for Spring Break because A) it's eye-catching and B) surely makes a statement and C) it's such a comfy dress and easy to move around in. P.S. It's only $11!

4. Sneakers
Comfort is key while traveling. Trust me when I say this: I am all for dressing chic while traveling, but who says comfy can't be chic? I'm planning on bringing sneakers with me while I travel because I am planning on walking around LA and bringing a bit of the "east coast" to the west coast. You'll see what I mean ;) 
(make sure you're following along on my social media handles to know what I'm talking about!) 

 5. Panama hat
My all-time favorite spring / summer hat. It is such a flattering statement that coordinates with every outfit. I used to curl my hair a lot when I traveled, but now, it isn't a top priority. With that being said, I opt for hats to keep my hairstyle simple and instead, I use that free time I spent doing my hair enjoying my trip.

P.S. this panama hat is a classic. You can even get it for 25% OFF with code SHOPNOW.

6. No matter where I go, I always bring workout clothes / shoes with me.
Being active is a big part of my life and I always make time for it. Even on vacation.

7. I'm planning on bringing this bathing suit with me on my trip. The scallop bikini top is from last summer, but I found very similar ones to it here + here

A must-have for the beach or pool.

9. Sunglasses 
These Karen Walkers are my all-time favorite pair. I take them everywhere with me.

10. Dresses.
I like to wear dresses a lot while traveling because to me, dresses are the comfiest clothing. I would rather pick dresses over tops and jeans, and they take up less space in your suitcase. Haha, I am just all about finding ways to carry less in my suitcase. It's seriously a struggle sometimes!

So I hope that helped, or gave you an idea of what I gravitate towards when traveling. I also wanted to give you a feel for what I'm packing for my Spring Break as well.

And for those who are curious where I'm headed...

See you soon, LA!

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