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New Month, New Perspective

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I think it's always good to take some time off social media and have some time off.
That's just what I did this past weekend. I spent less time checking my social mediums and focused on what I wanted to accomplish in this next academic year.

Now that it's officially August, I've realized summer is coming to an end. It's time to focus on my new goals for my senior year of college and the steps needed to accomplish them. I have this thing for new months. I don't know what it is, but the start of a new month means a new, clean slate and another chance to better myself. Does anyone else feel the same way? Or is it just me?

More importantly, I had a bit of a wake up call the past few days and realized that I was trying to figure out my future by myself. I just needed to remind myself that God has a plan for me and I just need to trust him. And his timing.

I've rounded up a few photos and snaps from the past few weeks and thought I'd share, in case you missed them on Instagram or Snapchat.

Do you guys have any goals for the new month? 

{ Washington Square Park }

{ sunset view from the High Line }
{ from this post here }

{ cheers to the weekend || here }

{ strolling through Meatpacking || here }

{ this look coming soon... || here }

{ New York City sunset || here }

{ my babe McKenzie came to visit for the weekend || here }

{ Monday feels... || here }

{ love this babydoll dress || here }

{ meeting at Vogue || here }

{ one of my favorite posts on Park Avenue || here }

{ weekend wear... || here }

{ Sunday brunchin' at Sarabeth's || here }

{ love runs with a view || here }

{ hailing a cab (for the photo) HA. || here }

{ my southern side made an appearance... || via snapchat: bygracelee }

{ golden hour }

{ shooting pastels at work }

{ so happy she came to visit me }

{ rainy days || via snapchat: bygracelee }

{ wise words from the streets of NY || via snapchat: bygracelee }

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