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5 Positive Thoughts During Finals

The last day of November has me thinking...

Peppermint Sweet + Cyber Monday SALES

Ah. Mondays.
But it's not just any Monday... 

Huge Cyber Monday Sales Round-Up

Online shopping is stressful in itself. Let's be real.

5 TIPS to Make the Most Out of Thanksgiving

In the past, I've shared things and people I was thankful for.
But this Thanksgiving, I wanted to do something different and share 5 TIPS on how to really make the most out of Thanksgiving. Whether it's spent with family or friends, these tips are great to keep in mind as we head into our first holiday of the season. 

What To Wear For Thanksgiving + Holiday Gift Guide

Since it's Thanksgiving Week, I wanted to share a few pieces that you can easily wear for a Thanksgiving dinner. Whether you're celebrating with friends or family, this plaid blazer and these OTK boots (similar here + here) are always key pieces to wear for the holidays. If you're a sweater type of person for Thanksgiving dinners, you can pair this blazer with a navy, black, or grey tunic and a pair of leggings for comfort. 

Below, I also wanted to go ahead and include a holiday gift guide for the print lovers. You can shop everything by clicking on the image!

Never Want to Leaf

I'm pretty late sharing the last of my Asheville roadtrip weekend, but I wanted to get this look in before all the holiday looks that I have planned in the coming weeks. If you've ever been to the Omni Grove Park Inn in Asheville, then you probably recognize this outdoor patio area with a stunning view of the property. You can even spot downtown Asheville in the distance.

Good As Gold

There's something so appealing about glitter and gold when it comes to dressing up for the holidays.
It's always a combo that I gravitate towards this time of year because it always brings me back to a festive state-of-mind. 

Friendsgiving With Swoozie's

Never in my college years have I ever hosted a Friendsgiving nor attended one before.
With that being said, my college housemates and I decided to host one for our last year together. 

More Issues Than Vogue

In all honesty, I've been wanting this sweatshirt for the longest time.

On The Docks

Happy Monday!
I can hardly believe just how close we are to Thanksgiving. It's finally hitting me today, as we're starting a new week, and I'm thrilled to announce that I'll be hosting a Friendsgiving with my housemates this year. If you follow me on Snapchat or Instagram, I went ahead and shared some behind-the-scenes from the Friendsgiving shoot yesterday. 

Bloggers Take OBX Weekend Recap

Forewarning: There's a LOT of sunset pics (are you really complaining?) in this round-up. The sunrises and sunsets at the Outer Banks were unreal. In all seriousness, they did not need any sort of filters. SO incredible and something worth experiencing. 


Hear me when I say this: I've been living in this Henri Bendel sweatshirt for quite some time now.
It's chic, emphasis on comfortable, and true to the fact that I am in indeed, a #bendelgirl.

Mind Over Matter

Happy Monday! I hope you all enjoyed your weekend. Especially with that extra hour... thanks Daylight Savings Time! #blessed

Not Plaid About It

You know what I'm not plaid about? The price of this blazer. I mean...
Now that Halloween is out of the way, the season of plaid and all things Thanksgiving is upon us.

Lakeside with Banana Republic

Over Fall Break, my sister and I took a roadtrip to Blue Ridge Parkway and stayed near Rumbling Bald Resort at Lake Lure. We were able to enjoy some spa time, a fancy dinner with a sunset view, and shoot some photos down at the beautiful lake. 

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