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15 Valentine's Day Outfit Inspiration

I have a special place in my heart for Valentine's Day.
Not because I'm spending it with someone significant, but because I like the idea of dressing up (or down) in its festive colors. Most of us single ladies may give the holiday an eye roll and plan the night to cuddle with Lady Godiva and lots and lots of wine, but no eye rolls given here. 
Frankly, I'm beyond over it. And I don't see this as the S.A.D. (literally) day that everyone makes it out to be. 
(P.S. S.A.D. = Single Awareness Day)

I'll joke around here and there, but I'm happy for those who do have a significant other to spend it with. I wish you all the best.

On another note, I wanted to share 15 Valentine's Day outfit inspiration for you all. Whether you're going out around town, somewhere fancy, a dinner date perhaps, or keeping it casual to the movies or whatever, I've rounded up some of my old looks that I thought would come in handy.

P.S. sneakers involved. Keep scrolling down for more!

Thank you for reading!

{ 1. Opt for a red scarf. // from this post here }

Bundling up for a night out? Add a red scarf with an LBD to spruce up your take on black + red.

{ 2. Layer with a black turtleneck. // from this post here }

I've been wearing my black turtleneck frequently this season. It makes for the best layering piece and adds a pop of sophistication to a simple dress.

{ 3. Red peplum top. // from this post here }

I know this is a summer look, but the idea of incorporating a red top with white pants is another Valentine's Day inspired look. Don't forget gold accessories.

{ 4. Opt for purple instead. // from this post here }

Don't like the color red? No problem. Go for a purple top instead.

{ 5. Wine leather jacket for the win. // from this post here }

I. Love. Leather. Jackets. Which is why I try to optimize my leather jacket obsession through other colors, like wine. Who says you can't wear what you drink?

{ 6. A bright pink dress. // from this post here }

Because... why not?
(Brownie points if it has bow-sleeves)

{ 7. Opt for a red lip. // from this post here }

No need to go red crazy with this look. Just opt for black + white and keep it simple with a bold red lip. 

{ 8. Pop of red. // from this post here }

Again, if you're not a "red" person, you can just simply add a red bag to this simple and casual look.

{ 9. Fancy midi // from this post here }

Going out with a special someone? This was actually from one of my Valentine's Day looks last year, and I love the velvet texture on this midi dress.

{ 10. A pink coat. // from this post here }

This was one of my favorite looks from last year. Love a comfortable and warm pink coat.

{ 11.  Pink AND red. // from this post here }

Who said you can't wear them together? Well, here's a way to go all out for Valentine's Day.

{ 12. Sporty chic. // from this post here

Athleisure is a huge trend that's been pretty popular, so I'll take any chance I can get to wear my favorite Adidas sneakers

{ 13. White on white. // from this post here }

Go for a classic white on white look by opting for a white button-down shirt and pairing with white denim or a fun white skirt.

{ 14. White blazer. // from this post here }

I've mentioned before how a white blazer is a necessity. It's a classic piece that I always reach for when I want to go for a simple, yet polished look. 

{ 15. Sparkle in style. // from this post here }

This was my Valentine's Day look last year. I did a Galentine's Day shoot with my closest friends at my house and we had tons of fun with balloons, sangria, and confetti. Well, the confetti wasn't too great post-pictures... but hey, it's always worth it. Right?

{ last year's Galentine's Day shoot // from this post here }

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