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5 Thoughts For The Weekend

If there's one thing I'm really good at, it's keeping myself distracted.
In class. At home. At the gym. 
You name it. I'm a pro.

It's like my brain knows I should be focused and paying attention in class, and so it decides to do its own thing and starts brainstorming all sorts of ideas, until I'm grinning ear-to-ear in my lecture... and it's not because I know what happened in the Gertz court case. 

Let's just say... I tend get my best blog post ideas and content when I least expect it. Oddly enough, this happens to me in the shower a lot. There has to be some sort of scientific research behind that. Or maybe it's just because I'm staring at the shower head and there's really nothing else to think about... who knows.

Nonetheless, I wanted to kick off another weekend with FIVE THOUGHTS.

1. After picking up my cap + gown + tassel + stole this week for graduation (here), it's safe to say graduation is slowly and surely creeping up... and it's finally hitting me. #44moredays

2. I have a huge exam on Monday that I've been studying so hard for lately, and need all the prayers. 

3. I want to incorporate some type of graduation-related content or Easter prep content for the blog, but want to know what you guys would want from me, in regards to that. Please email me if you have any suggestions or want to see something specifically!

4. Tar Heels are playing in the Final Four this Saturday, and I'm physically, mentally, and emotionally preparing myself for the big game. Not to mention, UNC is hosting 2 Chainz here on campus also on Saturday, so it's safe to say that 2 Chainz will be watching the game with us. Casual.

5. If there's one thing I've learned this month, it's letting go of things you can't control. I started drafting a blog post for something that's been on my mind about this, and plan to share it when the time is right.

Wearing: dress:  ℅ Impressions Boutique (also love this one here - they have so many white dress options here) | earrings:  ℅ Lele Sadoughi (similar here + here) | sunglasses: Karen Walker (Spring favorite!) | watch: Marc Jacobs | shoes:  ℅ LuLu*s (old) similar here + here | lipgloss: Ulta in 'Iris' (if you're looking for a gloss and a bold red lip, I highly recommend this one. It's one of my favorite lipglosses that I wear on the regular) |


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