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Sh*t People Say to College Bloggers

"Do you just shoot around campus after classes? In front of people?"

Today's post is a little pleasure reading that I think you'll find funny... and maybe even relatable. 

Before I begin, I want to put out a *DISCLAIMER* that this does not entirely apply to all college bloggers, but over the seven years that I've been blogging, I've gotten a lot of these remarks that 1) I find funny and 2) maybe other college bloggers can relate to and laugh over.
So again, this is meant to be a humorous post, and not to be taken (too) seriously.

1. "So... you're like... a fashion model or something."

I get this every time. Even after trying to explain that I'm not a "model," the terms "fashion blogger" doesn't really register to them. What's a blog? People ask. Or you always take professional photos and post them on social media. What's up with that? Ha. Ha. Sometimes, I just go with it. 
"Yep, fashion model. That's it."

2. "Sooo... if you're a fashion model, does that mean you're signed with a modeling agency?"

Jokes. Not a fashion model, therefore, not signed with a modeling agency.

3. "Why do you post on social media so much? Isn't there like a rule where you can't double post on Instagram?"

Hahaaaaa, this one makes me laugh. No, there isn't a set rule. Who even sets rules for Instagram? Pshhhh. And I post because I am my own brand. I post because that is how I make my commission. Over the years, I've figured out what works best for me and my brand, and that's just being consistent with my content on Instagram. That is how I attract my followers, readers, and that is how a business works. The more you post, the more you generate a following. So follow, don't follow... that's entirely up to you. You don't have to like what I do. That's my job.

4. Sometimes when I'm out with guy friends, I'll get: "Am I going to make it on the blog tonight? Take a photo of my outfit. You should put me in the men's edition of your blog."

For starters, I am a personal style blog. I focus on women's wear and specifically, my style. I play along with my guy friends because yeah, it's funny when they tease about 'making it on my blog.' It's their way of 'trying to understand what I do,' which I don't take any offense to. *shrug*

5. "Do you even buy clothes anymore?"

Yes, I do! Not everything I own is gifted or sponsored. I do still like to shop, haha.

6. "Does a photographer just follow you around 24/7?"

Oh, I wish. But no, my sister (aka photographer) does not follow me around. I have to schedule times to shoot with her work schedule and plan out everything ahead of time in order to get things done. Time is precious, which is why I work this hard to maintain my blog. 

7. So if I "like" your photo on Instagram, I'll get the little notification thing from that liketoknow thing you keep talking about on Instagram, right? So I shouldn't like your photo if I don't want that email?"

Ha, okay. No, you will only get the links to shop my looks if you've signed up for via your email. And you can still like my photos because not all of my photos are my outfits! 

Thanks for reading!
Can anyone else relate to these? 
And if you're a college blogger reading these, what are some lines you've gotten from people? 
I'd love to hear them in the comments below!

P.S. wanted to throw this in there as a #bloggerblooper. SASS LEVEL... 100.

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