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Easter Prep with eos

Prepping for Easter comes in many forms.

Whether you're hosting an Easter brunch or an Easter egg hunt with friends and family, searching for the perfect Easter dress, or enjoying the beautiful spring weather outdoors, I'm sharing how I'll be prepping for Easter this weekend.
Through the form of self-love.

Easter weekend typically consists of heading home to spend lots of time with the family, and to also take a quick pause on social and academic life. The idea of self-love is quite evident, but most times, overlooked. As humans, we burn out. We find ourselves getting frustrated over simple matters and wanting to quit. Over and over and over again.
I. Feel. The. Same. Way. 99%. Of. The. Time.

That's why I like the idea of recharging every weekend. It's a time to take a step back and remind ourselves of who we are, what we're capable of, and most importantly, to love yourself. Because no one else does it better. 

When eos asked me to partner with them to share their spring packs, I was on board. I've used eos lip balm in the past, and love the idea of having something circular and small that I can stick in my purse or bookbag when running out the door. It's convenient when rummaging through my bag (I mean, is your lip balm in the shape of a ball? I thought not), and the bright, fun colors are hard to miss.
Scroll down for 5 tips for showing self-love this weekend. 

1. Take care of your skin.

Again, something that is overlooked. Not only will you look better, but also you'll feel better. There are times when I'm running out the door and forget to put on hand lotion and then realize while I'm sitting in class that my hands are so dry. Not a good feeling. 

2. Buy yourself flowers.

I'm not even kidding. Flowers, especially peonies, bring me so much happiness and really serve as a mood booster.

3. Go for a run.

For all you people who don't workout or like to workout, you're probably like... "what did she just say? Yeeah riiight..."
But I seriously mean it. Running helps calm my mind. I tend to think the most while on my runs, and not only does it help maintain my sanity, but it gives off that 'feel good' mentality. 
So love yourself, and go run.
Or at least take a walk. Any movement outdoors.
*insert thumbs up here*

4. Write a letter... to yourself.

At times, when my mind is all over the place and I"m stressed, frustrated, and moody, I stop what I'm doing and let my fingers do the talking. I'll set aside time to type away in my Notes, either on my iPhone or MacBook, and write it all out. Never ever underestimate the power of words.  

 5. Treat yourself.

Buy yourself a hand lotion set and pamper yourself. I'm a sucker for cucumber melon scents, and I love how the eos lip balm set comes in two flavors: cucumber melon and coconut milk. Treat yourself with new scented anything. Or, if you prefer hand lotion, eos offers a three-hand lotion set with spring scents like delicate petals, berry blossom, and cucumber. 

 dress // ℅ earrings // ℅ eos lip balm set // ℅ eos hand lotion set 

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Thank you to eos for sponsoring this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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