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Dallas Wall Crawl Guide

If only you knew the amount of sweat that was shed in order to make it through my #wallcrawl in Dallas...

But nonetheless, I hit most (not all) of the walls located in Deep Ellum.
For those who aren't aware of the area, Deep Ellum is basically an area made up of arts, entertainment, and food venues near downtown Dallas. The Wikipedia version, that is. Also in Deep Ellum, there are tons and tons of art murals lined up on the side of buildings, parking lots, and even random areas, which is why I was nearly dripping from sweat because of all the hunting I had to do. 

 Even though I didn't find all of the walls, I did find the most "insta-worthy" ones, so go ahead and pin or bookmark this post in case you're ever in Dallas!

1. Geometric shape wall
This wall is actually one of the best walls to take photos in because the wall blocks the sun, so the lighting is perfect and you don't have to worry about the sun hitting your face and casting any shadows.

2. Deep Ellum 'Dallas everything' wall
^ I'm not sure what it's actually called, but it took me a good minute to really look at this wall. If we're being honest, I named it based on the first thing that popped into my head.

3. 'I Love You' wall
This one is located in a parking lot and perfect for any couples willing to be a little extra and pose in front of all the cars passing by.

4. Intense Portrait wall
Honestly, I thought this was Blake Lively. I stumbled upon this one while trying to escape the sun and found it in a sheltered corridor leading to another street. The painting is so meticulously crafted that I just couldn't take my eyes off of it. 

5. American Flag wall
This wall is located in a very random place. In fact, I stumbled upon it while looking for another wall. It's somewhere on the side of a restaurant, somewhere in Deep Ellum. #imsohelpful
But real question: how many people will you see here trying to get in their Instagram photo on the 4th of July?

6. Cactus wall
I loved the concept of this one. And the colors blend so well together.
This wall is located in another parking lot area. It's so big, you can't miss it.

7. Deep Ellum 'TV' wall
This wall is located near the train tracks, close to Swiss Street.

8. Marilyn Monroe wall
This one is hidden in a small parking area. It's hidden somewhere in an alley / parking lot area, so you have to do some searching.

9. Le Soleil wall
This wall was the one I had been searching for all day. However, I could not find it anywhere. I was just about to give up searching. Long story short, Mary-Katherine, a friend I met earlier in the day, guided me to the spot. It was a bit further out of the Deep Ellum area, which was why I couldn't find it. But alas...

10. he(art) wall

This one isn't located in Deep Ellum, but I wanted to include it because I found this wall in Dallas. It's located on the side of The Standard Pour - 2900 McKinney Avenue, Dallas, Tx.

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