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Gracefullee Travels: Los Angeles Round-Up (Part 1)

Someone take me back to LA LA land.

It hasn't even been a week yet since I arrived back home to North Carolina and I'm already missing the non-humid weather and beautiful array of palm trees on every corner. For those following along, I hope you enjoyed the travel photos I've been posting on social media. Fun fact: I check my DMs on Instagram regularly, and I'm glad I did. I noticed a handful of comments asking me to post the travel photos in a round-up this week. Whenever I'm traveling, I don't check my emails that often, so if you ever have a quick question, send me an Instagram DM and I'll be happy to answer or just chat with you one-on one :)

After realizing I had too many photos (typical), I decided to break them up into two parts, and the second part will be up tomorrow.

Here's a round-up of what I did, where I went and ate during my California travel.
Thanks for stopping by!

{ current read: book }
{ on-the-go cocktail kit - thank you W&P Design }
{ travel style }
{ leaving Raleigh }
{ avocado toast bagel at Alfred's Coffee }
 { people watching at the Santa Monica pier }
 { quick change for a dinner in West Hollywood }
 { walking around Santa Monica beach }
 { I was going to lay out and tan that morning, but the June gloom was so real }
 { stumbled across this array of palm trees and had to shoot this look }
 { more palm trees... are you even surprised? }
 { this look is coming soon } 
 { The Georgian Hotel stuck out to me the most because of its aqua and yellow color scheme }
 { the pathway up to the hotels and restaurants from Santa Monica Beach }
 { finally reunited with my blogger bestie Ashley after a year }
 { fun fact: I wasn't planning on wearing this look the first night I arrived in LA. Unfortunately, no one is perfect and I happened to get a stain on a top that needed to be dry-cleaned. }
 { happy hour at The Misfit with Ashley }
{ in love with the coco-nut }
{ the view down Ocean Avenue }
{ one of the best poke bowls I've ever had }
 { view from the Santa Monica pier }
 { flew over the Grand Canyons en route to LA }
 { June gloom }
{ enjoying an in-flight margarita }
 { first time I've ever worn a leather jacket to the beach... ha ha }
 { weekend ride }
 { hydrating with coconut water on the beach }
 { this look coming soon }
 { enjoying paninis and matcha green lattes at Urth Cafe }
 { this look coming soon }
{ bike riding along Santa Monica Beach // here }

Part Two coming tomorrow!

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