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Gracefullee Travels: Texas Round-Up

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Texas, you were everything I needed.

Well....... except for the humidity. I didn't need that.

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Today's post is a long one because I'm sharing what I did / saw / ate in Austin and Dallas, Texas. 
Karli and I had been planning this trip for the longest time, and I was more than thrilled to finally meet her in person. In fact, we clicked instantly.
am so grateful for our friendship and our time spent together in Texas. 
On the entire trip, we were laughing about the fact that we hadn't officially met until this week, but it felt like we had known each other forever. 

I rounded up our itinerary day by day below, so let me know if you have any questions on the places we went to. Hope you enjoy the round-up! If there's anything else you'd like me to include for future travel posts, please let me know in the comments below. Your feedback matters so much to me and I love compiling these posts together for you all :)

P.S. I'll be recapping my stay at Archer Hotel in tomorrow's post, so be sure to stop by for that! 

{ Even though I arrived at the airport on Monday, I ended up having to fly out on Tuesday due to five flight delays and a flight cancellation. Not only did I have the worst service, but I also wasted an entire day waiting around in the airport. It was a terrible, terrible day, but it also served as a reminder that life doesn't always go according to plan. }

{ On Tuesday, I flew to Austin. With a window seat view, of course.

{ The minute I met Karli in our hotel room, we automatically knew we were going to get along just fine. I realized just how similar we were, and talking to her felt like I was reuniting with my long lost best friend. Not even exaggerating. }

{ We explored Archer Hotel before heading out for our plans of the day. // here }

{ but first... a selfie }

{ we arrived at our first destination: Hope Outdoor Gallery... thank you for those who recommended this place! However, we were definitely not prepared for the location because we arrived in wedges and flatforms while everyone else was dressed in t-shirts, shorts and sneakers. Ha ha. #extraAF }

{ Karli and Grace try to take on ATX part II: after the Hope Outdoor Gallery Wall, we decided to walk around to find somewhere to shoot some blog photos. Except for the fact that we both had no idea where we were and nothing around us looked appealing. So we ended up walking about 10 miles in the killer wedges. }

{ After finally finding a place to shoot, we were at the point where we were sweating, disgusting, and in need of food. }

{ We made it to Irene's, which was another recommended place from you guys... and loved it. }

{ We both ordered the avocado toast and guys...I've had tons of avocado toasts in my life, but this one was the best avocado toast I've ever had. Hands down, amazing. }

{ Had to order the watermelon sangrias because #happyhour }

{ Afterwards, we headed to the Kendra Scott Headquarters }

{ I was looking forward to reuniting with my girl Corbin, who gave us a tour of the HQ. Every room in the office was beautifully crafted, aesthetically pleasing, and straight out of a home decor magazine. Not only that... but they had a gym. With Kendra Scott weights. Goals, right there. }

{ Kendra Scott's very own nail bar }

{ Corbin took us out for drinks and dinner. I ordered the avocado margarita and it sure did not disappoint... }

{ After drinks + dinner, Corbin took us out to Rainey Street, 
where we stopped by Lucille for drinks. }

{ cupcakes... for breakfast. #oops // bracelets here }

{ A Sprinkles cupcake ATM machine... I need this in my life. }

{ Karli and I headed to South Congress for some exploring. }

{ a 'had to' moment // here }

{ yet another Mexican restaurant... no surprise here. }

{ After lunch, we headed off on our road trip straight to Dallas. }

{ sunset }

{ dinner spot for our first night out in Dallas }

{ cheersin' with the girls: Marie + Karli }
{ love this babe // here }

{ the next day, we headed downtown because this eyeball sculpture was on my list of things to see in Dallas... haha. }

{ a view of the rooftop at the Joule Hotel }

{ driving through downtown Dallas }

{ next stop: rewardStyle HQ // Marie gave us a tour of the office }

{ another 'had to' moment... #DallasAF }

{ the view from the rS office }

{ rewardStyle's snack pantry... }

{ Loved the fact that their cafeteria is called 'The Goat' }

{ Dallas AF // here }

Karli and I then headed to lunch with Marie + Ashlyn at Bird Bakery }

{ After lunch, we drove through Highland Park to see all the beautiful houses. Most of these houses were absolutely stunning. }

{ That afternoon, I finally met up with Mary-Katherine IRL at HG Sply Co. for happy hour. }

{ rooftop views // here }

{ I asked Mary-Katherine where I could watch a sunset view of the city, and she recommended Griggs Park. #imean... }

{ trying out the new violet drink at Starbucks... 10/10 recommend. }

If you got through this entire travel guide, you're a trooper.
Tomorrow, I'm sharing my recap of my stay at Archer Hotel.
Don't forget to stop by :)

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