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4 Traveling in Style Hacks

I've gotten many questions about my travel style.
How do I know what to pack? How do I know what to wear?
What if I'm going to a new place I've never been to? 

Today, I'm breaking it all down. 
Even though every trip is different, I try to utilize these tips when it comes to traveling. 

1. Plan accordingly for the weather. For my Texas trip, I constantly checked the weather app leading up to the week of and even day of my travels. I like to know what the weather is all the time. Why? Weather is unpredictable and prone to change. Which is why I like to pick items based on versatility. Even if it's not cold outside and you know you'll be traveling from one airport to the next, try packing a light jacket just in case it does get a little chilly on the airplane. 

2. I like to create itineraries for my travels way in advance. Yes, it might be tedious and yes, it might be stressful, but planning out day-to-day itineraries actually keep me sane. I like to know what I'm doing at all times. And in the order they happen. Even though things don't always go according to plan, I try my best to make the most out of those situations.

3. Shopping. As for my travel style, I first think of it this way:
I'm staying in Texas for 5 days. That means 5 outfits. A set of pajamas. Workout clothes. Shoes. Etc.
I start out by planning how many outfits I'll need and what I'm doing for those days. Then, I try to search for outfits I want to either purchase online or re-wear from my closet at least two to three weeks prior to my trip. This is *important* because depending on where you're shopping online, shipping can take a couple of days. This means, shop early and have an idea of what you're wearing for your trip. 

4. Comfort is key. I am all for comfort when it comes to traveling. In the summer, I'll usually opt for rompers or dresses because I'm one of those people who hates sitting in pants for too long. In the winter, I like to layer in jackets or scarves that can easily be taken on and off. 

I use these four hacks all the time when I'm traveling, so if you have any hacks as well, I'd love to hear them!

P.S. if you're following me on Snapchat or Instagram, you probably know that I'm currently in Calgary, Canada. I'm heading somewhere else in a couple of days, so come follow along and see what I'm up to ;)

Happy 4th of July!

Photography by Karli Willis Photo 

Wearing: jumpsuit: Fab'rik | earrings: ℅ Baublebar | sunglasses: Celine | shoes: Steve Madden | watch: Marc Jacobs | bracelets: ℅ Kendra Scott | 


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