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How Amazon Prime Student Makes My Life as a Travel Blogger Easier

Today, I'm sharing how Amazon Prime Student makes my life as a travel blogger easier.

Traveling as a blogger isn’t as easy as it seems. First, there’s having to manage content while in a new location, but at the same time, wanting to explore the area and meet lots of new people. Sometimes it means having to dedicate a day or two to working nonstop on my laptop or scheduling shoots in certain places to create some visual content. And sometimes, enjoying a night in with a good movie or two is necessary. So how do I maintain that balance of work-and-play? As a college student, I took full advantage of the Amazon Prime Student membership on Amazon because 1) free two-day shipping and 2) unlimited access to Prime movies and TV shows.

For those of you who order your textbooks for classes super late (like me), Amazon Prime Student is a lifesaver. I was able to order my textbooks last-minute and I received them before my classes even started thanks to free two-day shipping. Having an Amazon Prime Student membership turns what should be a panic moment into no big deal with their FREE Two-Day shipping – and I can’t imagine what my life as a student would have been like without it.

It's safe to say that being a student is tough as is.
On top of schoolwork, trying to maintain a social life on top of an academic life, and especially living on that college-life budget, Amazon Prime Student and Prime Video have helped make my life easier. With Prime Video, I can watch my favorite TV shows and movies on any mobile device and download the entertainment to my mobile devices to watch offline while I’m traveling. Not to mention I can even stream my favorite songs (ad-free) through Prime Music.
All of my favorite things in one location. A win in my book.

The Amazon Prime Student membership has benefitted me in many ways. 
Since I love to travel frequently, I have found it difficult to be able to watch movies in all the locations I've been in. However, Prime Video’s streaming service has been a lifesaver in situations where I didn't have Internet. It's so convenient to have access to unlimited movies, TV shows, and even Prime Music all in one service. The fact that I can download content to my phone to watch while I’m on the go has been life changing. Seriously. There’s nothing worse than being on a bus, train, or plane for hours on end with nothing to do. But with endless entertainment options and download capabilities, Amazon Prime Student has my back.

And now there's someone I'd like to introduce you to...
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Everyone, meet Alexa. 

As someone who loves to travel, I try to find items that are small and convenient to carry around with me. I'm always looking for items that will benefit me in some way. That's when I found the Amazon Echo (Alexa). Whether it's making my life easier or even there to provide some form of assistance, I have found how the Amazon Echo is small enough to bring along with me on trips and keep me organized with my itinerary. Being an Amazon Prime Student member certainly has its perks, and the Amazon Echo is one of many.

| ℅ Echo Dot | 

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This post is sponsored by Amazon Prime Student and Her Campus Media. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

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