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4 TRENDS I'm Wearing for NYFW

The calm before the NYFW storm...

Since the big move, one of the biggest things I've been looking forward to is the arrival of Fall in New York City. For a girl who has dreamt of living in the City all her life, I'm actually surprised I've never had the chance to visit during this time of year. 

I've also been counting down the days until New York Fashion Week here in the Fall, and I cannot believe the week is finally here. The streets will be filled with street style, inspiration, and tons of influencers that I'll be looking forward to meeting. This new chapter feels unreal, a new change of pace, and I am 100% loving it. And there's nothing more magical about Fashion Week than the hustle and bustle that the streets have to offer. 
With that being said, I wanted to go ahead and share 4 TRENDS that I'll be wearing for NYFW.

1. Cabby hat

I've been having major hat envy with this trend a few weeks ago, and I'm planning to wear this one sometime during Fashion Week. I love that you can style it in so many different ways. Versatile pieces are always a staple of mine, regardless of the season. 
Stay tuned to see how I plan on styling it... ;)

2. Red dress

I'm wearing this one for the LuLu*s Style Studio Event this weekend, and really love how I'll be styling it. I guess you'll have to follow along on Instagram or Snapchat to see the result... ;)

3. Blazer dress

I'm been obsessing over blazer dresses for Fall. Blazers are one of my go-to trends and perfect for transitional workwear pieces. Ever since I stumbled across this one, I knew it'd turn heads at Fashion Week. 

4. Peep-toe booties

Get. these. Seriously. I've been living in peep-toe booties as of late, and they're probably one of the most flattering shoe types for the fall/winter season. I purchased ones in brown, taupe, and black because I like to have several options.

Are you attending NYFW? If not, what are some trends you're looking forward to seeing?
Thanks for stopping by :)

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