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Celebrating 7 Years...

It's absolutely crazy to me. I've been blogging for seven years.

Yesterday marked my 7th blogiversary, and I couldn't help but reflect back on all the years that I celebrated this special occasion. There was a year where I featured customized cupcakes. Another one where I literally shot with a balloon in a bright pink dress... in the middle of UNC Chapel Hill's campus. Now that I think about it, I cannot believe I actually did that... facepalm.

I really wanted to visit a pumpkin patch, so last year, I made the initiative to shoot at a pumpkin patch with my sister for my 6th blogiversary (here). And I also shared SIX FACTS YOU PROBABLY DIDN'T KNOW ABOUT ME.
This year, instead of just sharing more facts about me, I wanted to show you New York City... from the top. 
You see, something about this view felt relatable.
Looking out at the vast city below me made me realize how sometimes we tend to focus on the little things, rather than the big picture. It's easy to get caught up in it. Lost, even. Yes, there's certain areas in our life that we put all our time and energy into. Just like there's certain boroughs -- Upper East Side, West Village... and the list goes on and on.
But instead, we need to view it from the top. Literally. See the bigger picture in situations. 
And I guess visiting this place reminded me of just that.
This time seven years ago, I made the decision to start a blog. 
I learned so much along the way, struggled through it, overcame it, felt inspired, met incredible people, traveled, worked with amazing brands, and here I am.

Still not where I'd like to be, but definitely a work in progress. 
And that's the beauty of it.
Thanks for reading!
And I couldn't say it enough. But thank you.
To each and every one of you -- some of you that have followed me from the start -- thank you for supporting me and showing endless amounts of love for my blog. 

You guys are the reason that motivates me to keep going.

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