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Halloween Costume Ideas

A lot of you have requested this certain post...

and with Halloween two weeks away, I figured it would be great to share some costume inspiration.

In this post, I'm rounding up my past Halloween costumes I wore in college.
I'm a sucker for puns, so it goes without saying that the majority of my costumes were pretty punny.
Besides the strawberry. That was just berry cute. 
Sorry, I couldn't help it.

In college, I went all out for Halloween costumes. 
It was mainly fun with my group of gal pals, where we planned weeks and weeks in advance for Halloween on Franklin Street. 
For those of you who are new and don't know UNC-Chapel Hill's epic Halloweekend, read here.

Remember this photo?

P.S. thank you to Business Insider for featuring my Netflix and Chill costume in their Halloween Costumes 2017 article! 

This year, living in a city and all, I'm more excited to check out the cool venues and parties for Halloween weekend. It definitely felt weird that I wasn't preparing early for my costume this year with my best friends, nor shooting it, like I did in the past. However, I decided last minute that I still wanted to dress up. It won't be punny this time, but I want to go for a more slick and bold look. I'll be dressing up as a cop. You'll see what the costume looks like in a few weeks...

 If you decide to be a strawberry this year, you have to use the caption: Trick or Sweet.
^ I used that line endlessly the year I wore this costume, haha.

On the topic of sweet, before I decided to go with French Toast as my costume last year, I was actually planning to do this DIY costume at first. I think it'd be a really fun costume to do one year, so I definitely have that bookmarked!

Here's also another one I'm loving (here).

Thanks for stopping by!
What's your Halloween costume this year? I'd love to hear them :)

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