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All About Hair: Q&A's

One topic that I receive a lot of questions about is... my hair.

I'm no expert when it comes to hair care, but I thought I'd answer a couple of questions about my own, rather than how to treat / care for it. It's interesting because I don't really treat my hair as much as I probably should, but I do what works best for me.

Q: What heat protection spray do you use?

In the past, I never used any type of spray or product. But as of last week, I received this heat protection treatment from Alison Brod PR, and I'm excited to test it out and see the smoothness and shine that I missed out on for so many years. 

Q: I'm having trouble growing out my hair. What is your secret to long hair?

I wish I could answer this, but unfortunately, I don't have a secret. I've always had thick hair that grows so fast, and it's been that way all my life. However, I do have some girlfriends who swear by this and says it works for them.

Q: What is your natural hair? And color?

My natural hair is wavy, which is why it's easy for me to straighten and curl my hair. My natural hair color is dark, dark, dark brown aka "black." I always add caramel / blonde highlights in my hair every year around December. But since moving to New York City, I decided to be spontaneous and added more color to my hair in October.

Q: What curler do you use? 

I usually use a .5" curler wand to get smaller curls, but felt like it was making my hair frizzy. But for those wanting smaller curls, I would recommend using this size. I couldn't find the exact wand that I use, but this one is very similar.

But for these waves, I used this Eva NYC 1" curler. I love the looser waves, and it definitely feels more natural to me. Luckily, this curler is ON SALE for $51. But hurry... it's only in stores until 12/20! 

Q: What is your go-to hairstyle?

I usually curl my hair, but it does take 40 minutes to an hour. My other go-to hairstyle is adding a fun braid and pulling my hair into a low bun. {i.e. here}

{ hair dryer -- also ON SALE for $60 and only in-store until 12/20 }

Q: What is one thing you don't like about your hair?

I know most people would love to have thick hair, but sometimes, it's the worst. My hair feels like it weighs 5 lbs. In the summer, I always put it up because I get really hot. In the winter, it tends to get frizzy and I'm constantly using hairspray to maintain it. 

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If you have any other hair questions, feel free to shoot me an email or leave a comment below.

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