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5 Things I'm Letting Go in 2018

Looking back, I was never really one to set New Year's resolutions.

However, since I love the idea of a clean slate and the start of a new year, I wanted to share 5 THINGS that I want to let go in 2018. 
2017 was a tough year for me. Sure there were highs, but there were also many lows. We should all celebrate the successes in a year's worth, but we should also embrace the failures and mistakes we've encountered. I noticed at times that there were distractions that veered me away from the path of allowing me to the best person I could be.

I think it's important to reflect back on the past, in order to move forward. However, don't let the past determine who you are as a person. Instead, use it to become the better person you know you can be. 

I'm letting go of...

1. Focusing on others more than myself.
The keyword here being more. This year, I want to focus more on myself. This coming from the girl who cares too much about others, I want to start focusing on what it is that I want rather than what other people want for me. 

2. Playing games and people who play games.
I think this was more in the college mindset. I noticed that I ran into some rocky paths with this one during college at the beginning of the year, and I knew things didn't go as expected because of all the immaturity that came out of playing games. Just be straightforward and upfront -- say it how it is.

3. Prioritizing people who do not prioritize ME.
Again, on the topic of "caring too much about others," I noticed that I was putting in too much energy on people who did not feel the same way about me. 

4. Wanting the perfect moments.
With Instagram, we tend to get caught up in the 'perfect moments' and 'perfect shots' that we display on social media. However, those images we post are merely highlights and never the full story. We only show the good portions of our lives, and that's what everyone sees.

Everyone who knows me knows how detailed I get about every little aspect of my life. Whether it's an outing with friends, or a party I'm hosting, or a photoshoot I'm prepping for... I always strive for perfection in literally everything. 
I'm working on that.

5. Being afraid to make mistakes.
Oddly, this is a fear of mine that I'm also working on. I hate the idea of "messing up," but I constantly remind myself that no one is perfect. Making mistakes are lessons that we should learn from. 

What are some things you want to let go in 2018?

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