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Where to Brunch in West Village

Calling all my New York City brunch lovers...

Last week on Instagram Stories, I polled a couple of questions and many of you were interested in brunch spots in New York City. I was so happy to hear this because I personally look forward to brunch on weekends... and what better place to explore new brunch places than New York City? 

Sidenote: I really do appreciate you all answering my questions. The reason I leave them is so I get an idea of what content to create next that you all want to see. With that being said, if you have any blog post requests or questions, please do not hesitate to DM me on Instagram or send me an email.

Disclaimer: Even though Gardënia partnered on this post, I sampled all of the food and drinks that were provided. I am sharing my honest opinion on the food and location. 

Last weekend, I had the pleasure of dining with Gardënia in West Village. It's a Mediterranean / Southern European restaurant that focuses on seasonal ingredients and offers lunch, dinner, weekend brunch, and happy hour daily. 

One of the main reasons I was excited about attending was because I hadn't really explored West Village. Walking to brunch simply reminded me just how beautiful the area is and how I need to visit more often. I'm making it my goal to do more sightseeing there and try new coffee shops, restaurants, and Instagram-mable locations. Maybe even create a West Village guide round-up?

To start, we ordered the Nicoise salad.
It was a fresh salad with caramelized onions, bibb lettuce, hard boiled eggs, olives, and fresh tuna. Emphasis on fresh.

I ordered an espresso with almond milk on the side. 

Next, we tried the Spanish Baked Eggs chorizo. 
It. Smelled. Heavenly. It was tough having to take photos of it before... especially when the glorious smell of tomato stew and roasted peppers were tempting me to take a bite. Real tough, right?

This chorizo is definitely a good option if you're craving something warm. We happened to go on a rainy day, so it was perfect to just take a moment and enjoy warm stew with toasted pita.

If you like spicy or sweet (or both -- no judgment here) for a brunch drink, then you have to try this housemade bartender special spicy drink. Funny story behind this is that... the bartender actually doesn't have a name for it yet. It's in the works. 
It's honestly the perfect hint of spicy and really does hit the spot. 

If you want to try it, ask the bartender that you read my blog post and show him this post ;)

Same goes for this sweet drink!

And then... this arrived.
Let me just start by saying that... I'm no burger person. However, I took a bite out of the Gardenia Burger and I almost immediately went for a second. Guys, the best part is the blue cheese that's melted on top of the burger. It also comes with caramelized onions and mushrooms on top, and Provencal fries on the side. 

 If you watched my Instagram Stories, you probably know that I was already stuffed at this point. 
The last dish was the Paella de Carne. I tried one bite of the chicken and... the rest went in a takeout box. 
Hashtag so stuffed and happy.

I was told they had an amazing dinner menu too, so definitely add Gardënia to one of your Places to Eat in NYC list.

And if you ever stop by, please let me know what you think!

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Thank you to Gardënia for partnering on this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

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