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Parisian Chic with Banana Republic

Bonjour... from Paris.

Cheers to 23 Years

If you don't know by now that balloons and birthdays are commonly categorized together on Gracefullee Made, then... hi, you must be new.

Ready, Jet Set... GO

I've been holding in some news that I've been dying to share.

On-The-Go with Ello Products + Giveaway!

I've always been the kind of person who tends to live on-the-go.

NYFW: BFF Moments + Behind-The-Screen

There's a lot that goes on behind NYFW.
The good, the bad, and moments that you don't see on Instagram photos.

The #1 NYFW Trend I'm Loving

This is one of the top trends that I spotted all throughout New York Fashion Week.

NYFW Do's & Don'ts

In the past few days, I've been getting lots of questions about NYFW.

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