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NYFW Do's & Don'ts

In the past few days, I've been getting lots of questions about NYFW.

How do you decide what to wear?
When do you start planning everything?
What's NYFW really like?

If you follow fashion bloggers / YouTubers / influencers who are all attending fabulous parties and events and fashion presentations, etc., during NYFW, then you probably get the impression that everything is glamorous and perfect. Yes, the events are so much fun and set up perfectly for all those in attendance, but what you don't know is that some of us barely got any sleep that morning or have blisters all on our feet from walking in heels, or barely had time to eat because we've been so busy running around. 
In other words, NYFW isn't all that is cracked up to be or what you see on social media. I'm not saying it's not fun or a dream come true to attend some of these events, but I just want to emphasize it's not always like this.
As digital influencers, it's our job (literally) to share aesthetically-pleasing content and products to showcase our creativity and our passion for the brands we work with. 

I'll touch up on a NYFW: Behind-The-Screen blog post soon, but today, I wanted to do a NYFW Do's & Don'ts post that many of you might be interested in.

If you're ever planning to attend NYFW, here are some things to keep in mind...

NYFW Do: Come prepared -- bring portable chargers, business cards, snacks, water, bobby pins, safety pins, your necessities, etc.
Business cards are so important because when you're walking around on the streets and photographers ask to shoot your look, you want to give them your business card so they can tag you in photos or have a way to reach you to connect.

NYFW Don't: Act like you're above everyone.
This might come as a no-brainer, but you'd be surprised by how many people I've come across that have been so rude and stubborn at shows. There are lines, we're all tired, we're all coffee-deprived, we're all trying to post the same things, etc. I've met some rude people that just seem to think they're above everyone and think too highly of themselves, and that to me, is a huge no. Seeing people act that way in person and then have a fake persona on social media automatically dumps them into the 'people I don't want or need to associate with... PERIOD' pile.

NYFW Do: Research the designers of the shows you're attending.
To me, attending shows is more for the trends on the runways and the designs that are so meticulously crafted. I'm always in awe of the inspiration on the runways and like to know the style of the designer shows I'm attending. I remember a couple of instances where people have asked me what shows I'm attending and I've butchered the designer names... OOPS. 

NYFW Don't: Take other people's seats.
If you don't have a seating assignment for the shows, don't deliberately sit down in any seat until the ushers give you the okay to do so. When they do, there's nothing wrong with it. Either that person didn't show or they're running late. Totally okay. 
But sitting in someone else's assigned seat is rude and unprofessional.

NYFW Do: Map out where all your shows are.
Sometimes, you have to travel to different places for the shows. Make sure you know where you're going because if you try to coordinate everything when you're there, you might run into the risk of a weak service (everyone is on their phone!), or a low battery, or worse -- missing the show.

NYFW Don't: Be on your phone the whole time.
Taking photos, boomerangs, and videos are important at shows. However, holding up your phone the entire time not only blocks other people's views, but also distracts you from really looking at the designs on the runway. Snap away, but also make sure you're taking the time to be there in the moment. 
Some people post right away when they take video / photo content at shows, but I personally save everything and then post it all on my Instagram Stories (or Snapchat) after the show is over. That way, I can share the content in a more calm setting with the appropriate tags, fun edits, and not be overbearing with the show content on my Instagram Stories. It's like that one girl who posts 20+ snaps at a concert, and you just want to tap, tap, tap, eyeroll, tap, tap, tap. 
(Lol... I just called myself out.)

NYFW Do: Go to the shows you're genuinely interested in.
It's inevitable. You're not going to make it to every show you're invited to. If you can, that's great. But if not, you have to pick and choose. I personally choose based on whether I am genuinely interested in it, or if there's people I'm meeting there, and if the location works out in my schedule.
If not, you're going to be drained and unhappy because you chose to attend something that you didn't want to. 

NYFW Do: Say hi to your favorite bloggers, influencers, YouTubers, etc.
I've seen my favorite influencers that I follow on Instagram or their blog, at shows or events, and always try to tell them how inspiring they are and other small talk. It's good to introduce yourself to people that inspire you and network with them because chances are, you never know until you try!
I ran into Olivia Palermo and Marina Moss (someone I've been following for a long time on Instagram because her style is amazing), and was able to chat with them for a bit. 
So don't be afraid to walk up to them and start a conversation.

NYFW Do: Enjoy yourself.
Surprisingly, you can get so caught up with what shows you're attending, what you're wearing, what you're posting, where you're shooting... that it's easy to just smile and enjoy the fact that you're here.

I hope these were helpful!
If you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to ask :)

Thanks for reading!

Wearing: jacket: ℅ Alyson Eastman | pants: TopShop (sold out, but similar here + here) | bag: ℅ Celine | earrings: ℅ Olive + Piper (sold out, but similar here) | booties: DVF (sold out, but similar here + here) | sunglasses: TopShop (sold out, but similar here) | lipstick: ℅ Clinique + Jonathan Adler's 'Capri Pop' |


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