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Frill Seeker

I headed down to Washington D.C. for Memorial Day Weekend.

Ugly Location Photoshoot Challenge

Have you heard of the Ugly Location Photoshoot Challenge?? 

10 Things To Do in Monterey

One of the most interesting things about my Monterey trip was how everything just fell into place.

Big Sur 17-Mile Drive Travel Guide

The ultimate 17-Mile Drive travel guide.
This is it.

$15 Gingham Dress // West Village

West Village is an area that I don't usually venture off to. Which I find rather odd because... 

How I Stay Organized While Traveling with PBTeen

As a travel enthusiast, I've abided by a few quick and easy ways to stay organized when it comes to traveling. Thanks to PBTeen, I'm sharing a few items that you need for your next trip. 

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