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Ugly Location Photoshoot Challenge

Have you heard of the Ugly Location Photoshoot Challenge?? 

If not, I'm right there with you. Natalie told me it was circling around the YouTube sphere, and we thought it would be a fun way to explore the LA area and to get creative with collaborating content for our audiences. For those of you who are new, Natalie is my best friend who I met in college (she went to N.C. State and I went to UNC), and long story short: She is a YouTuber. One of the most important qualities I value in our friendship is how supportive we are of each other's work. We're constantly wanting the best for one another, sharing ideas, and asking for advice. We've always traveled to places over the years, but this was our first time in LA together. 

Back to the Ugly Location Photoshoot Challenge.
What is it? It's a challenge where you take photos in a location that isn't the most aesthetic photography spot. An "ugly location" where people wouldn't normally shoot at, and then make it work by editing techniques and lighting. We're always up for a challenge, so we really enjoyed this!
Even though we did get a lot of stares and people taking snaps of us shooting at the locations we chose... 

No shame in our game.

Scroll down to see our three locations...

and be sure to watch Natalie's video of the Ugly Location Photoshoot Challenge here.

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She's living in LA for the summer, so follow along on her west coast journey! 

Location 1: Dumpster
Funny story: the guy overseeing the area asked us if we wanted to use the pretty boat behind us for a shoot, but we said we wanted to take a photo in front of the dumpster. Hahaha. 

Location 2: Bus Stop

We even got a shot in front of the actual bus.

Location 3: Parking Garage

Which location was your favorite?

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