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Top 3 Types of Heels for On-The-Go

When someone asked me to do a post on the most comfortable heels to travel in / walk in all day, I thought this was a good topic to cover.

As a New Yorker, and an avid traveler, I'm constantly walking everywhere. Whether it's running errands, attending meetings or events in the City, or even exploring new cities while traveling, it's important for me to wear the right kind of shoes while doing so. 

That being said, I also love wearing heels. I wear heels 90% of the time. 
Which is why I'm very picky when it comes to the heels / wedges I wear when traveling. Not only do I go for the style and color of the heels, but comfort is a key player as well.

Today I'm sharing a few tips on what to look for when shopping for comfortable heels. 

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1. Flatforms

You will catch me in flatform sandals probably all the time. 
I stock up in flatform sandals in every color. It's a necessity and you'll probably reach for flatform sandals more times this summer. 

Not only can I run in flatform sandals, but I love that they give you a height boost. I'm 5'2", so I'll take as much height as I can get! 

At the bottom of the post, I've rounded up comfortable shoe options from day to night.

2. Chunky heels

The comfort behind wearing anything with a heel is actually the size of the heel. I've noticed from experience that chunky, thick heels are easier to walk in. I prefer to stick to heels that are thicker in size whenever I'm shoe shopping because I know that wherever I go, I'll probably be wearing the heels for a long time, so I'd rather be safe than sorry.

3. Mules

I wear mules quite frequently for travel because they're surprisingly comfortable to walk in. 
Just make sure to opt for the mules with a chunky heel. 

What are your thoughts on comfortable heels for travel? Any favorites?
I'd love to hear them in the comments below.


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