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6 Hairstyles to Try + My Hair Q&A's and Secrets

Believe it or not, one of the most frequently asked questions I get on my blog and Instagram is about my hair

I answered a hair Q&A in this post (here) back in December, but wanted to do a more updated one. Feel free to revisit that post for what kind of hair tools I use!

Below, I'm answering some more hair questions and I also wanted to include fun hairstyles to try, if you're wanting to switch it up this summer.

Make sure you keep scrolling all the way down for my hair Q&A's and hair secrets!

{ seen here }

1. Flipped Inside Out Ponytail

I've been rocking this cool + fun ponytail since college and it's super easy to do.
I like it call it the flipped inside out pony because you're basically flipping the hair inside out. Literally.
Here's a step-by-step:

1. Throw your hair up in a high ponytail.
2. Tie it with a hair tie.
3. Tie another hair tie slightly little below it, and split it open so there's a hole in the middle. 
4. Flip the end of your ponytail inside the hole and pull it out. It should look flipped. 
5. Tighten it, and repeat all the way down.

2. Side Curly Braid

I wish I could take credit for this hairstyle, but the sweet girls at DryBar did it for me.
However, it's quite simple to recreate.

1. Start by braiding from where your hair part begins.
2. Make sure when you're braiding, you're gathering more hair into the braid each time, so it gets thicker and feels more connected.
3. Braid the entire piece all the way down, tie it with a hair tie, and set it aside.
4. Curl the rest of your remaining hair. 
5. After it's curled, make sure to hairspray, and then gather it to the side.
6. Add the side braid with the curled hair and pull out a tiny piece of hair to wrap around the side curly pony and braid.

3. Side Braid Bun

I have a trick for this certain hairstyle. The reason why the bun looks so perfectly shaped like that is because I did a side braid all the way down instead of just pulling it into a bun. 

1. Go ahead and braid where your hair part begins (just like in the 2nd hairstyle above)
2. Continue that braid all the way down as a side braid.
3. Hairspray! I use this hairspray, by the way. It's been a hair product that I've been using religiously for years.
4. After you're done braiding, tie it with a hair tie.
5. Wrap it around like a bun and then secure it with bobby pins.

4. Curly Hair

Okay, I know. This one isn't really a 'fun hairstyle' to try, but I receive so many questions about my curled hair. I mentioned in this post here, that my hair is super thick. It's a blessing and a curse. Don't even get me started about it in the summer heat...

Anyway, I use this curling wand that promotes healthy heat and doesn't leave your hair damaged. When curling my hair, I section it in layers. I start with the bottom, hairspray, and then work my hair up. 

5. Flipped Inside Out Pigtails or Braid

These hairstyles are always fun to do when you're on the go. I like to do these hairstyles when wearing a hat. 

Similar to the Flipped Inside Out Ponytail...

1. You just separate your hair in pigtails (or to the side if you're doing the braid)
2. Tie it with a hair tie
3. Tie another one slightly below it, make a hole in the middle by splitting open the section in between the two hair ties
4. Flip the hair through
5. Pull the hair out and tighten it
6. Repeat

6. Braid-ception

I honestly don't know what to call this one because... I completely forgot the name of the YouTuber I watched to try this hairstyle. I love the way she created it on her hair tutorial, and really wish I could share it with you guys... *face palm*

This hairstyle was pretty difficult for me to achieve by myself, so I had my mom help me with it. It looks like a massive braid, but it's actually a braid within a braid, and so forth. Hence, braid-ception. 

Hair Q&A's:

Q. Will you ever cut your hair?

A. Funny you say that because I actually do get haircuts. It's usually no more than 2 inches, but because I have so much hair, you can't really tell the difference. Will I ever cut it short? 
Nope. Nope. Nope.

Q: What's your favorite hairstyle?

A. I like my curled hair. Sometimes up, sometimes down. Depends on the weather. Lol.

Q: Where do you get inspiration for your hairstyles?

A. Pinterest, mostly! Or I just like to experiment and try new things with my hair.

Q: How do you lighten your hair? What highlights would be best for different colors?

A. I'm no hair expert, but I prefer the blonde, caramel highlights for my hair color. My hair color is naturally "dark dark brown" aka black, so I like having light highlights mixed in. I really like brunette hair with subtle hints of light highlights or lowlights too. I always tell myself that one of these days I'll just completely dye my hair to a medium brown... one day. 

Q: I use a lot of hair tools, and feel like my hair is always getting damaged. What should I do?
A. Heat protectant sprays or any heat protectant treatments. For sure. I use this one here.

Any other hair questions? Feel free to comment below or shoot me an email.
Thanks for reading!

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