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4 Places To Visit in NYC Before Summer Ends

Now that we're almost nearing September, I've been anticipating Fall more than ever.

It's time like these when I'm sweating profusely and dodging the sun at all costs and hoping I can cool down as much as possible in between subway rides, where I truly appreciate the cool weather and the light layering that Fall has to offer.

However, summer isn't over just yet, and there's 4 PLACES in NYC you should visit before the season ends.

Location: 445 5th Ave
When: available until October
Tickets here

I had so much fun wandering around the interactive rooms in the mansion. Not only do you get to sip rosé in every room, you get to learn about the history, science, and economics behind each different type of rosé. There's rooms that include a giant gold chandelier you can swing from, a tub filled with rose petals, flower walls for days, and tons more. 

Location: 430 W Broadway 
When: available until end of August
Tickets here

This was one of the most fun experiences ever because not only do you get to experience 7 rooms filled with fun, interactive props and backdrops, but you also get to learn about each of the Winky Lux products while doing so. Oh, and sip BABE rosé and eat macarons is a definite plus.
P.S. All of it is Instagram-worthy.

 Location: 11th St and 2nd Ave in East Village
Make sure to use #mylifeooo and tag artist @dowlingmeagan when you post on Instagram!

My favorite girls have a new mural wall in East Village and it's a must visit... for photo purposes, of course. *insert hair flip emoji here*

Location: 459 W 14th Street
When: available until end of summer
Tickets are FREE -- first come, first serve basis

I shared more of the inside scoop (pun intended) and my experience at The Pint Shop in this blog post here.

Hope you enjoyed this post!
If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out or shoot me an email :)

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