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Why I Believe Age Doesn't Determine Your Worth

The past two weeks were simple reminders that a lot can happen in a short period of time.

The funny thing about time is... we tend to think we're constantly running out of it. We'll push things or force things a certain way because we're almost certain that if we don't, it won't happen
I'm 100% guilty of that. Being patient has never been my strong suit. Especially when it comes down to things that I want. 

In these two weeks, I feel like a lot of change has been thrown at me.

One of them, however, was something I wanted to talk about today.
I was attending an event a couple of days ago, and something there that happened struck me in a way that made me want to talk about it. Out loud. I met someone who was older than me who was questioning me in not just a curious way of what I was doing in the fashion industry, but more so of why I thought I was worthy enough to do what I was doing... because of my age. 

In a place like New York City, you'll constantly find yourself surrounded by people who are much older than you. That's become the norm for me. Meeting people that are my age, especially in my industry, is rare... and I've learned to be okay with that. In fact, I've always been okay with that. I prefer it more because I like to challenge people who have been through things a little longer than I have, and have different experiences than my own.

Speaking of experiences... I made it known to that person, who couldn't wrap the thought around that yes, I belonged here and I deserved what I was doing because I've been doing this for eight years. 

No, it was not just handed to me. 
No, I didn't go about it in a way that I deserve this because I'm young and I should get whatever it is I want without working for it. She was pretty stuck on the idea that we millennials don't know how to work for anything. Everything is so "easy" now, and we try to "influence" people without actually understanding it.

I made it known that I worked hard for this. I built my blog from nothing.
It was almost me saying out loud that I knew my worth, and nothing that anyone could say to me could deter me away from it. 

I have just about the same amount of experiences as some of the people in my industry, if not more.
And yes, I may be the youngest, but I'm confident enough to say that I have taught myself and learned through experience with what I'm trying to grow at. I still have a long way to go, don't get me wrong, but this is why I believe age doesn't determine your worth.

Anyone else feel like they've run into lots of people who tell you who you should be because of your age? It's really interesting to me, and each and every time it happens... I take it in a way to constantly challenge myself to answer it in the most upright and respectful way. Not because I'm just polite, but because I know my own worth and I respect myself enough to stand up for who I am. 

Someone I truly care about told me this yesterday, and it stuck out to me:
"I feel like I can fit in everywhere without actually fitting in anywhere. I can talk to people, I can enjoy the conversations with people because I want to know about them and help them, but I've never been a part of a group because I'm always doing my own thing."


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