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Fall Outerwear with Abercrombie & Fitch

To this day, I still remember the first item I purchased from Abercrombie & Fitch.

I was in the 5th grade, and it was actually a grey zip-up jacket with the words 'Abercrombie & Fitch' across the front, with a photo of the moose logo beside it. I used to wear it so much that I remember my mom mentioning that I buy another jacket or wear anything else because that was the one jacket I would always wear outdoors. One of the reasons I loved it was because of the soft, faux fur lining, and fleece that detailed the inside of the jacket. Over the years, I've noticed that outerwear was one of the most common clothing purchases I made. I've learned to understand how to shop outerwear strategically, rather than impulsively.

Every decision I made was based upon the versatility, and the common wear I would get out of the outerwear piece. 

That's how I still shop for outerwear pieces, to this day.
When Abercrombie & Fitch asked me to style and share A&F outerwear, I instantly knew this nylon anorak jacket would be first on my list. It's wind and water-resistant with pockets, a zipper and button closure, and even a hood that you can easily zip pack in, if needed.
Comfortable? Check. Versatile? Check. Classy? Check.

Not just that, but this beautiful shade of burgundy is an eye-catcher, and a piece that stands out to me, especially when walking out and about on the streets of New York City. 

With the effects of Hurricane Florence, and the indecisiveness of New York City weather, I'm glad I had this anorak jacket with me this past week. There were days when it would just pour, and days when it was overcast, but also slightly cooler out to wear this kind of jacket. I decided to pair it with a white button-down shirt tucked into a pair of high rise straight jeans. It's usually hard for me to find a pair of jeans that fit me just right because I'm 5'2". Fortunately, A&F offers a 'short' option for the length of jeans, which is another reason why I've always had a place for A&F in my heart. The brand itself has definitely revamped over the years, but the memories I hold with the brand are always nostalgic, and remind me of when I started to really understand my own taste of fashion.

What are your favorite outerwear pieces? And how would you style them?

Wearing: jacket | button-down shirt | denim | shoes  all ℅ of Abercrombie & Fitch 

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This is a sponsored post in partnership with Abercrombie & Fitch and Her Campus Media. All words and opinions are my own. 

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